Denim is a wonderful thing. It’s durable, versatile, and relatively inexpensive as a material. Chances are, you’ve had more jeans than any other specific clothing item in your wardrobe (besides, say, underwear and socks). But what happens when your denim gets old and boring? You spice them up!

Think you can’t figure out something new to do with your denim? The Internet holds a plethora of amazing DIYs and crafts for those worn-out and trended-out jeans or DIY jean skirt from old jeans, so grab a pair of scissors and get cutting!

1. Crochet Cuffed Shorts

11 Easy DIYs For Repurposing Old Jeans, Denim Clothes: Crochet Cuffed Shorts

How cute are these? Similar ones from the mall, boutique, or department store can cost $60, but if you just use preexisting shorts and add crochet to them, or even make your own shorts from an old pair of jeans then add the lace, you’ll be saving yourself tons of money–and will get a unique result all your own.

2. Bleached High-Waisted Jean Shorts

Bleached High-Waisted Jean Shorts

Don’t pay a ton of money to American Apparel for high-waisted, acid-wash jean shorts. Just make them yourself with this step-by-step tutorial!

3. Denim Whale

DIY Recycled Denim Whale Tutorial

While revitalizing your jeans into stuff you can still wear is awesome, this blue whale craft is kind of the cutest thing on the planet. Got sons, daughters, nieces, or nephews? Or maybe just a friend who’s really into the ocean? Whip out the needle and thread and start whaling!

4. Studded Cuffed Jeans

Studded Cuffed Jeans

I love this cute DIY! It’s perfect for those who like to show off their footwear, as it draws the eye down to your ankles. The result looks complicated, but it’s actually a pretty easy craft to do, even for beginners.

5. Denim Bow Shorts

Denim Bow Shorts

These are infinitely cuter than most boring denim shorts. Plus, just the scallop pattern itself is adorable.

6. Heart Print Jeans

Heart Print Jeans

Love sweet stuff? Definitely try out this heart stencil idea on an old pair of jeans to make them more interesting after just a couple of quick prints.

7. DIY Upcycle Old Jeans Into Skirt

DIY Upcycle Old Jeans Into Skirt
Via YouTube

If you’re looking for a craft that will take your boring denim into the summer and make them new again, this is it.

8. Denim Earrings

11 diys for old denim jeans: Denim Earrings

This is an idea I literally never would have thought of, but it is so cool.

9. Denim Flowers

Make Flowers From Your Old Jeans

While these could certainly be added to a pair of jeans, a sweater, or even a pillow, you could also simply make these pretty denim flowers and tuck them into a vase, then gift them to somebody (or decorate with them) for a truly special, crafty present!

10. DIY Mint Skinny Jeans

Mint Green Denim Tutorial

I LOVE this color–it’s absolutely stunning. Plus, white jeans are always getting stained anyway (and it’s hard to know what to wear under them regardless), so if yours happen to have grass stains, fix ‘em up by making them a totally different shade!

11. DIY Apron

DIY Apron

Need something to wear in the kitchen? Take your old jeans and make them Kiss The Cook-able with this cute craft.

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