Jack Magnan, a growing French headwear brand!

The members of the #JackMagnanArmy proudly display themselves with their unique headgear on Instagram. Indeed each piece is limited to 100 copies, a simple way for the brand to reinforce its “To be unique. Innovation first”. Each customer must be unique and must assert their own identity with an innovative item.

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The goal is to make customers feel that they have a product that they will not see again anywhere else, not even with us, even if demand soars. Symbolically, we don’t want two individuals to cross paths with the same headgear on the same street! Each personality must be able to express itself through our pieces.

Shop the Jack Magnan collection of hats and french headwear

Shop the Jack Magnan collection of hats and french headwear designed for durability and comfort.

Headwear at Jack Magnan can be innovative in various forms:

  • Material: for example, thermal is an innovation made by Jack Magnan. The cap has the possibility of changing color with temperature. You can find some parts still available on their site jackmagnan.com.
  • Identity: each item comes with a certificate of authenticity proving the serial number of the cap. It will be numbered from 1 to 100 and not one more copy.
  • Ecological footprint: with each order, €1 is donated to the startup ECOTREE with the aim of maintaining the French forest and planting trees. Ultimately, we will limit our carbon impact on the environment.

The brand’s success comes from social networks and, more particularly, from an influential person in the fashion world: Baptiste Giabiconi. Model, muse of fashion houses and heir to Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, Baptiste Giabiconi has been wearing the Jack Magnan brand for several months. He proudly displayed his hat on social media, and many influencers followed. Jack Magnan also had strong media visibility on Netflix, the French press, and television channels.

wearing french headgear perfectly suited to their size

This brand really has strong power on social networks and traditional media.

Finally, and to accentuate its brand image, the company Jack Magnan launched in early February a bob that can range from a newborn to a grandfather. You will find various sizes to equip the family from the smallest to the largest, for both women and men. There is a Kids size for children under three, a Woman or Youth size, and a Man size.

Customer satisfaction is crucial in the eyes of the brand, and it wants everyone to be able to have maximum comfort by wearing french headgear perfectly suited to their size.

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