As the summer months draw near, you may have already planned how you will spend your weekends, as well as any time off of work or school. Within these plans could be to host or attend pool parties with your friends, relatives, or even neighbors. While you may need to think of a hosting gift, or what food to prepare or bring, you might also want to consider your outfit. Last year’s swimwear may no longer fit you correctly, or be deemed as fashionable. Therefore, you might want to consider what new design to buy, as well as how to get the most out of it.

Going for glam

While there may be a number of more demure bikinis available, you might want something that really turns heads and makes you the talk of the party. Should this be the case, you could instead pick from a range of glittery bikinis that can look spectacular both in and out of the pool. These come in a number of designs offering different levels of support and coverage to suit you. Alternatively, you could opt for something with rhinestones, or even a metallic finish, to really help catch the sun and make a statement. However, one of the benefits of glitter may be that they hold up more against imperfections on a metallic material, or the loss of those rhinestones over time.

Get rid of any wrinkles

Whether you plan on wearing a previous season’s bikini or a brand new one, any imperfections in the material could detract from your overall style. While you may be tempted to iron your bikini, this could damage the material leading to shrinkage or improper fit. Instead, you might want to think about steaming your garment. This could be done with a machine, or even by hanging it up in the bathroom while you shower and allowing the heat and moisture in the air to do the work for you. 

Consider any adjustments

Those who want to lead a more frugal lifestyle may be hesitant to buy new swimwear unless they need to. While a mold infestation or weight fluctuations could be reasons why you choose a new design, some issues could be rectified with your existing bikini. Should you find that you have lost a bit of weight in the last year and the straps now have a tendency to slide down, you may be able to fix this issue at home. By using online guides and resources, as well as waterproof materials, it may be possible to shorten the straps or strings of your bikini top. It could be a good idea to take your time when doing this, so that the job looks as professional as possible. This could allow your favorite bikini to last yet another summer.

Buying or refurbishing a bikini can be essential when you plan on attending pool parties. By giving yourself enough time to prepare, you may be able to ensure that the bikini you’ve chosen to wear is ready for the summer ahead. 

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