Improving Your Sewing Room with a Sewing Table

Sewing at home is one of those things that people do and has not changed in decades. The equipment is better, of course, with some really impressive and high-tech sewing machines out there. But sitting down and sewing something new (or repairing something old) feels like it’s still the same thing that our parents and grandparents did. 

The only thing that is missing from those times are the bulky swiveling pedal, mounted in a sewing table, that used to be the power behind the sewing machine – you pushed the pedal back and forth and the whole thing would start sewing. We use electricity now. So we can have a sewing machine without a sewing table or cabinet – imagine that. 

Many people will have sewing machines at home, and if you are reading this, chances are you love sewing. Both as a hobbyist or as a professional (or maybe just someone that enjoys the DIY feeling of fixing that one hole in your pants), the best way to use your sewing machine is with a sewing table. If you have a separate space in your home for your sewing activities, a sewing room of sorts, then you definitely need a sewing table. 

If you currently don’t have a sewing table in your room, then you’re in luck. Let’s talk about how a purpose-made table can make your sewing room that much better.

  1. It’s All About The Functionality

First, let’s talk about functionality and the practical side of things. Most likely, a sewing table will have all sorts of special drawers compartments, and fixtures for the sewing equipment, the threads, and the machine. The function of a sewing table is not just to have the machine on top for you to sew; a regular table can do that. 

The hallmark of a sewing table is that the machine itself will be kept inside it when closed: the furniture will close and keep your things inside, safe from humidity and curious visitors. It turns into simpler furniture, not unlike a small cabinet (hence the name sewing cabinet). So when in use, the cabinet will turn into a table and have support for the sewing machine.

Some sewing machine tables will have the whole thing set up with an airlift system so you can raise the machine for use, then lower it back into the storage position. Most will have some sort of lifting system, with an opening above the table’s surface where the machine will stay during the sewing. That is great, especially if you can’t lift the machine yourself (or don’t want to), carrying it around is troublesome, and not ideal. Some sewing machines can be very heavy, so it’s also potentially dangerous. Other sewing tables will have wheels and fold in on itself, so they are easy to carry around and to store.

The last point of functionality for the sewing tables is that they tend to be a lot firmer than just regular office tables. Trying to use a really fancy sewing machine on a table meant for a computer is sure to give you a wobbly experience. Wiggling and shaking tables can be annoying to deal with and can rattle the whole experience.

  • The Sewing Room 2.0
The Sewing Room

Let’s say one of the rooms in a house has a dedicated space for the sewing machine and all the necessary equipment. It has good illumination, so you can see what you are doing, and enough space for someone to sit in front of the machine and work. Preferably with comfort. But there’s no sewing table in this room, there’s just a regular office desk in there, with a sewing machine on top, and a lot of stuff populating its surface: tape measures, pins, pin cushions, needles, seam guides, scissors, and even a clothes iron.

It’s all in the open, taking a lot of space, and not doing the room’s decoration any favors. That space could have better use, and the only furniture that can help here is a sewing table. Keeping all of the equipment and the machine out of sight is already a great improvement, but the sewing table in the closed position can be used to complement many decoration styles. The little cabinets they turn into can be a great addition to any space.

There are many different sewing furniture out there, from extra sturdy metal tables, to convenient (and discreet) sewing cabinets, we’re sure that there is something perfect for every case and every room out there. 

If you wish to know more about sewing tables and cabinets, visit the Sewing Tables by Sara website, where you can find the furniture we talked about here.

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