Important Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Briefs

While buying briefs we only check the print and style. And a lot of us don’t even check our sizes before buying them. And all we do is adjust with those tight or loose panties that we bought. There are a lot of other things that we should keep in mind while purchasing briefs. Following are a few important tips that one should keep in mind before buying briefs:

1. Measure yourself first:

Measure yourself first

This is obviously a no-brainer but unfortunately not the case. Measure your hips properly using tape before buying briefs. Too-tight ones will end up fiddling in the public and too loose ones will make you pull them up constantly. Only get the size that fits you perfectly and keeps you comfortable all day long.

2. Choose the right fabric:

Choose the right fabric

Fabric is another most important aspect of underwear. Underwear is the closest garment to the skin hence it is very important to choose the right fabric. Choose a fabric that is not only gentle and soft on the skin but also lets your skin breathe comfortably. The perfect fabric for your underwear is cotton. This fabric has the ability to breathe and keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Nowadays, the underwear comes in various fabrics – Cotton, Lace, Modal, and a lot more. So make sure to buy them according to the mood and climate.

3. Styles and patterns:

Styles and patterns

Ladies, it’s 2022 throw all your boring granny panties away because we’ve got a million styles, designs, and colors to choose from. You can experiment with all different styles to perk up your mood.  The underwear comes in various styles – Brazilian panties, lace panties, hipsters, boyshorts and bikini panties. Available in different patterns such as floral, tie-dye, polka dot and many others you can have a stylish and sexy panty for every mood and occasion. 

4. Buy them online instead of buying them in a store:

Buy them online instead of buying them in a store

A lot of us(including me) feel embarrassed to go to a shop and ask for panties(especially if there are male salespersons). So it’s better to buy them online. Not only this but there are a lot of benefits if you buy online: Discounts, a return policy, a size guide, sales and a lot more. So it’s better to buy them online.

5. Quality:

Important Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Briefs: Quality

Last but not least, a quality check is important. Now that there are numerous brands available in the market that sell underwear it is important to know which brands sell quality ones. Make sure that the panty has a double-layered gusset for hygiene purposes and a good quality band. Because the underwear band does all the work for you and looks after you. Things get worse if the band is too slack. Don’t buy it if the band is too loose because this will make you pull them up constantly and if it’s too tight it will leave band impressions, redness, or irritation, which are unappealing.

I hope now you all understood how important it is to keep the above-mentioned points in mind. Ladies buying panties can be a difficult task but not after knowing these tips. If you are looking for some good quality and affordable panties try these brands:,,

These brands sell good quality panties at affordable prices. They have huge sales throughout the year. So make sure to buy the right ones.

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