Cool Ways To Wear Vests This Fall

For the biddies of the United States of America, fall means tweeting about #PSLs, going apple picking, and Instagramming foliage. And for some reason, those things seem to go hand in hand with the puffer vest. While there is nothing wrong with your basic puffer (I have one too), it’s just that—basic. This fall, there are far too many cool vest options out there for you to consign yourself to the world of the puffer. If you’re just venturing out, here are six cool ways to wear vests this fall, apple picking or not.

1. Turtleneck Living

Turtleneck Living

A classic turtleneck-vest combo is always a solid option, especially when you do it with a long, semi-structured option like this amazing Alexander Wang number. Of course, none of us can afford that, so try Forever 21′s Meander Pattern Longline Vest for $30 or their awesome Double-Breasted Longline for $43.

2. Military Chic

Military Vest - Are vests Still in Style 2021?

I recently acquired a similar trench vest (from Anthropologie of all places) and have been loving wearing it with a tight bodycon underneath. It adds a cool, casual spin on what could otherwise be labeled “trying too hard.”

3. Fur Centerpiece

Fur Vest: What do you wear over vests?

I know, I know, I didn’t get too creative with color here. But that’s because fur vests are a big, bulky statement piece and when I wear one, I like to keep it clean and sleek underneath. There is something about a slim black look that highlights the vest and also doesn’t make it look overwhelming.

4. Not Your Grandma’s Sweater Vest

Sweater Vest: Not Your Grandma's Sweater Vest

Weren’t expecting a straight-up sweater vest, were you? I am actually pro-sweater vest in certain situations, especially when it can stand alone as a shirt, rather than over a button-up like your nerd Halloween costume from high school. This bulky option looks v cool with boyfriend jeans and a loose but sleek oversized blazer.

5. Sweaters on Sweaters

Long Sweater Vest

Fall means layers, and layers mean sweaters on sweaters. When you’re going with a long, drapey sweater like this, you certainly could do just a long-sleeved tee, but when it gets chillier I am in favor of sweater layering. It’s definitely the coziest way to look chic. P.S. here’s a nice one from H&M for $30.

6. Professional Vesting

Work Vest - Are vests fashionable

That’s right, vests can even be cool at work. I lurve this one from Romwe (on sale for $31) with a pair of cropped trousers, a silk top, and heeled booties.

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