How to Wear the Eyelet Trend This Fall

If you’re fond of wearing your summer staples into the fall season, eyelet outfits may be some of them. Eyelet is a type of fabric which contains a patterned cut-out that makes it breezy and fresh. Since the fall season is a lot colder than summer, you might want to reinvent your eyelet pieces, making them work in the fall with our easy tricks.

Resort to darker hues of the fabric to keep it fall appropriate

Eyelet pants with button down shirt and floppy hat
Eyelet pants with a button-down shirt and floppy hat.

Apart from the fact that darker colors feel warmer over lighter ones, it can make your eyelet pieces less noticeable in the fall season; therefore, look stylish without worrying what others might say. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may opt for a pair of navy eyelet pants that will look chic with your classic button-down shirt and a fall hat. Eyelet matching sets can sometimes be worn in the early fall when it’s still hot outside, so you have the chance to extend your summer staples into the fall season.

Opt for fine patterns with linings, and heavier fabrics

Though eyelet is a summer fabric, you can also find ones in thicker textiles and finer patterns that look more versatile over large cut-outs. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you can wear a decent eyelet blouse to the office if you’re going to pair it with chic pants over skirts. This way, you’ll look more creative and breezy without looking daring on your office looks. You may also look for eyelet tops, blouses, and skirts in finer patterns and linings that you can wear into the colder months with layers.

Wear your eyelet pieces with fall ensembles

One of the easiest ways to make a summer staple work in the fall season is to wear it with fall ensembles. If you have an eyelet skirt, wear it with your fall sweater that will still look chic and appropriate. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, think of wearing your white eyelet blouse with a leather miniskirt, so you’ll keep it fall-inspired, especially it’s white that evokes a summer feel. Or, think of fall ensembles with eyelet trims like pants, tops, blouses, and such to look more appropriate. Like Danielle Bernstein, you may go for a pair of pants with eyelet accents that will look perfect with your fall sweater.

Top your eyelet outfit with a blazer or coat

Since fall is all about looking stylish in cozy layers, wear your eyelet outfits with fall coats and blazers. A trench coat and blazer are great for giving you some cover when the temperatures are still warm but resort to leather jackets, wool, coats, and fur vest when the temperature drops. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to extend your summer wardrobe into the fall season while looking chic and appropriate.

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