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Summer is the season of bold prints. Here’s how to wear patterns without it looking like you’re being overwhelmed by flowers.

Summer isn’t just the season of jorts, bright colors, and sandals. It is also the season of bold patterns. Tropical floral prints are always a popular option, but they’re not your only option. You can try a whimsical animal print, stripes, spots, or incorporate a trendy 1970′s pattern into your look. A patterned dress is a classic, but we’ve been seeing a lot of printed pants and coordinating separates. Prints are great for summer, but if you choose the wrong one, you can end up looking like you’re getting swallowed by massive, person-eating sunflowers.

Here are tips on how to pull off patterns:

1. Choose one statement piece.

Mixing different prints is a quirky-cool look, but one pattern is enough for a lot of people. Choose one strong pattern and complement it with plain pieces in coordinating colors or neutrals.

2. Go for a monochrome look.

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If bold colors aren’t your thing, choose a muted black-and-white print or a pattern with varying shades of one color. Monochrome prints are easier to pull off since they aren’t as busy clashing colors.

3. Don’t let your accessories compete for the attention.

Save the statement jewelry for days when you’re wearing a simpler, plainer outfit. That way, you can properly show it off. Besides, if you’re layering jewelry over a printed piece, it will probably get lost on it.

4. Watch the scale of your prints.

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A good rule of thumb is to keep the scale of your print on the smaller side, especially when you’re looking for pieces like patterned maxi dresses. If you love an oversized design, keep it to a small piece, like a crop top, bag or shoes. A large print on a full skirt can be overwhelming.

5. Stay away from anything that looks like pajamas.

Printed pajama separates are trendy, but if you style them wrong, it can look like you didn’t bother to change when you got out of bed in the morning. Stick with structured looks.

6. Break up the pattern with a hint of skin.

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Whether you’re wearing a patterned skirt or printed maxi dress, break up the pattern by showing some skin somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a lot. If all people see is fabric from your head to your toes, it can look overwhelming. That’s why the coordinating printed crop top and skirt is a popular look.

7. Keep your hair and makeup simple.

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When you combine an elaborate hairstyle, bold lipstick, and a striking print, it can be a bit much, especially if you went for a printed top or dress. As with your accessories, avoid anything that will compete for attention with your patterned outfit.

8. Watch out for texture and pattern overload.

Too many textures can be as confusing as too many patterns. If you start pairing your patterned piece with all sorts of different textures and finishes, it will be just as busy as if you were pairing it with patterns. Keep the shine and metallic finishes to a minimum.

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