Slip dresses are versatile clothing worn in any season and for any occasion. To make the dress seasonless, layering is key. In cold months, layer with a sweater or cardigan, and add a denim jacket or leather jacket in warmer months.

For an athleisure look, pair the slip dress with white sneakers. To dress up the slip dress, add a blazer or shirt underneath it, or wear it with strappy heels for a date night look.

For an edgier look, layer the slip dress with a leather jacket. No matter how you style it, the slip dress will make you look chic all year round!

We are no longer just seeing naked illusion gowns on the red carpet. There are still plenty of those around, but a wider variety of gowns are on the red carpet. The slip dress is one style of dress we’ve been seeing more and more of.

We’ve seen celebs wearing silky versions on the red carpet and shorter ones on more casual days. You can mark this as another 1990s trend that is making a comeback.

Slip dresses are effortless and not as restricting as a corseted gown with a ballgown skirt, but they can be tricky to wear. If you style them wrong, you’ll look like you’re wearing a nightie out in public. And it won’t be in a 1990s Courtney Love way; it’ll be more of an I-forgot-to-change-when-I-got-out-of-bed way.

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Here’s how to wear a slip dress without looking like you’re wearing a nightgown:

1. Avoid lace

Among select celebrities, the lace slip dress enjoyed a small revival a few summers ago. However, it is best to play it safe and avoid lace and other details; otherwise, people will think you are wearing lingerie.

2. Consider your hair and makeup

It may be tempting to wear effortless makeup to match your relaxed slip dress, but that can make it look like you crawled out of bed, brushed your teeth, and went out. It’s best to avoid bedhead or messy hairstyles unless you’re a supermodel like Gigi Hadid. Try a sleek hairstyle a retro updo, or anything that looks like you styled it. A bold lipstick or cat-eye will keep your look out of nightie territory.

3. Your accessories make all the difference

The easiest thing to do is throw on a statement necklace and pile on the bracelets to show you aren’t wearing pajamas. It works, but you can also lose the relaxed vibe of the dress if you choose one piece of eye-catching jewelry, like a bold cuff, dressy shoes, and a structured clutch, which is all you need.

4. Don’t buy anything that wrinkles easily

A silk slip dress will quickly turn into a wrinkled mess. When shopping for a dress, try scrunching the hem up. If it immediately wrinkles, don’t get it. Look for a more resilient style, such as a polyester blend. Wrinkles equal rolling around in bed.

5. Choose a different neckline

The low-cut neckline is traditional, but a unique neckline will help separate your slip dress from similar-looking nightgowns. A halter neck or racerback is unexpected but gives you the same look.

6. When it is doubt, go longer

Whether you want a slip dress for day, evening, or both, a maxi version looks less nightgown-y than a shorter dress. If you want to go shorter, a knee-length style or midi length is easier to pull off than a mid-thigh one.

7. Be wary of slits

If you choose a longer slip dress, you can get away with a slit, provided it doesn’t go up to your thigh. If you choose a midi or mini length, be careful the slit isn’t too revealing; otherwise, it’ll look like you’re wearing a sexy lingerie set with matching underwear out in public.

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