Is it a jacket or a shirt? This is a common question regarding one of the latest trends in men’s fashion — the shacket. Whether you want to dress up your shacket or go for a casual look, you can style this hot trend in a variety of ways.

What Is a Shacket for Men?

A shacket is a cross between a thick shirt and a lightweight jacket, commonly called a shirt jacket. This style of outerwear is ideal to wear during transitional months when it’s too cool to wear a thin shirt and too warm to wear a heavy jacket. Shirt jackets for men or men’s shackets are versatile and a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. Check out a few ideas for styling your shacket.

Layer a Denim Shacket for Business Casual

How To Wear a Shacket for Men
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A denim shacket looks refined layered over a lightweight sweater and a collared button-up shirt. Pair these tops with pressed chino pants and polished loafers for a sophisticated yet casual appearance.

Wear a Quilted Shacket Over a Hoodie

You’ll look hip while staying warm wearing a quilted shacket over your favorite hoodie. Quilted shirt jackets have extra insulation that can keep you warm on cold days. When the wind picks up, put the hood of your hoodie over your head to stay extra warm. Wear blue jeans and black boots to complete this urban ensemble.

Create a Rugged Look With a Flannel Shacket

Nothing beats a flannel shacket for a rugged look. Flannel patterns come in a multitude of colors, from the classic lumberjack red and black to contemporary patterns like turquoise and purple. For versatility, choose a hooded flannel shacket. Wearing a shacket with a hood eliminates the need to wear a shirt-jacket over a hoodie. Wearing the hooded shacket gives you a slimmer and less bulky appearance. To complete this sturdy look, slip on a pair of cargo pants and lace-up work boots.

Wear a Fleece Shirt Jacket to a Tailgate Party

Fleece jackets are a common site at fall sports games and tailgate parties. A fleece shacket offers more versatility than a form-fitting fleece jacket. The shacket is thicker than a traditional fleece zip-up jacket and it’s roomy enough to layer over a sweater or sweatshirt. This style of shirt jacket works great with blue jeans and canvas sneakers.

Choose a Button-Up Shacket for a Coffee Date

Cotton or canvas button-up shackets have a classy yet laid-back look perfect for a coffee date. Wear a neutral-colored shacket over a maroon or dark-blue cable-knit sweater during the fall to mimic autumn colors. Complete your fall outfit with brown corduroy pants and suede chukka boots. During the spring, wear an unbuttoned army green shirt jacket over a pastel graphic-print T-shirt for a cool color theme. Finish this ensemble with slim-fitting jeans and boat shoes.

Whether you wear a refined shirt jacket for a walk with someone special on a chilly evening or slip on a flannel-style men’s shacket while cutting firewood, it’s a versatile piece of men’s outerwear to own.

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