Winter is looming and it’s time to switch up your wardrobe – right? Think again! 

Like all seasons in the UK, winter can be extremely unpredictable when it comes to weather. One day conditions are warm and wet, and the next bright and dry with frost on the ground. This can be irritating to navigate when it comes to planning what to wear, and most of us regularly end up too hot or too cold.

However, on the positive side, it means that your staple items can be worn for a large part of the year, adapted to the temperature with just a few small outfit adjustments. This reduces your clothing costs and means you’re shopping more sustainably, too.

Embracing the art of transitional dressing is key to staying comfortable this winter. Dresses in particular are easy to modify to the changing seasons, with the addition of layers and careful attention to footwear.

Use this guide to style your favorite dress for winter and you can wear it to spring. 

Invest in fleece-lined leggings

Invest in fleece-lined leggings
(Photograph: @fashionablykay/Instagram).

Fleece-lined leggings are the modern take on winter-weight tights. The fleece layer acts as a thermal insulator, retaining heat to provide a protective barrier for your legs in harsh temperatures. Fleece is also a highly breathable fabric, so you are guaranteed to stay dry as well as warm.

The compression style is flattering for all body types, and modern manufacturers have worked to make these leggings lightweight for added comfort.

Layer with a jumper

How to Style Your Favorite Dress for Winter: Layer with a jumper

Mix and match your seasonal staples by incorporating layering into your outfit. You could add a jumper over a summer essential such as a linen dress or put a long-sleeve top underneath a pinafore style.

Layering is a suitable way to approach dressing for transitional times of the year because it gives you greater control over your temperature.

Top with a statement coat

Top with a statement coat

One of our favorite things about dressing for winter is being able to rock an eye-catching jacket. No matter the length or design of your dress, it will look in keeping with the season when topped with a statement coat.

Trending coat styles for autumn/winter 2023 are united by their aim to make an impression. These coveted cover-ups include bomber jackets, padded coats, swatches of faux fur, and tartan trenches.

Pair with full-coverage boots

Pair with full-coverage boots

Switching up your footwear is just as powerful as adding a coat when it comes to moving your outfit into the realms of winter. And this year, seasonal footwear is bigger and better than ever.

Knee-high boots are hitting the shops in every style imaginable, from black pointed kitten-heel designs to chunky riding styles with dramatic python print. For more subtle dressing, you can never go wrong with a pair of classic Chelsea boots.

Alternatively, go even bigger and embrace the trend for thigh-highs. Celebrities from Kate Moss to Taylor Swift are letting their legs do the talking with striking over-the-knee boots. Wear with a short dress for a touch of seduction or juxtapose this feminine style with an oversized hoodie.

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