how to style the pastel trend

Fashion trends with pastel colors are nowhere to go. It is still a fresh, lively, and great option for the summer and spring seasons. The light colors, the cool breezy outfit makes you look like fresh flowers.

Pastel colors are very much in trend in all aspects of a livelihood. Wearing outfits in light lemon yellow, sky blue, baby pink, light green, or even lilac (which is a hot color this season) boosts any dull mood.

Many of you have seen celebrities or bloggers styling outfits in pastel colors, and you wish to style in the same manner. Even the weddings are no more of bright, heavy and bright colors. The modern age brides are coming up with pastel color lehenga choices to give a subtle look to their marriage. It is a big change in the Indian wedding.

How to Style Pastel Outfits and Stay Trendy?

How to Style Pastel Outfits
  1. Monochromatic – It means that you choose the outfit in a single pastel color. For example, wear a summer dress in lemon yellow and wear a coord set in ocean blue color, meaning the top and bottom are the same color.
  2. Mixed Pastels – You can mix two pastel colors in one look. Like for example- A pastel color pantsuit in pink color with a light green handbag. Top in one pastel color and bottom in another color from the pastel family. It is the way to wear mixed pastel.
  3. Neutral – Choose all neutral outfits and one pastel color item to stand out in the neutral look. If you wear an all-black outfit, carry a purse or wear heels in pastel color to do justice with the look and pastel color.
  4. Bright Color – For that edgy, vibrant look, you can style a pastel color top or shirt with bold color bottom or vice-versa. It makes your overall appearance awesome.

Even the designers understand the growing trend of pastel colors. Hence, they are making more and more outfits in pastel shades. It is good to say that pastel colors are doing great in the fashion world. It is soothing to the eyes and makes you feel happy and chirpy.

Millennials and Gen Z are utilizing this color in every possible form in the fashion world. Due to the variety of online shopping options, even the brands are coming up with outfits in pastel colors. And why says pastel is only for females. In the men’s fashion world, pastel colors are ruling with the lightest color t-shirts, shirts, and casual wear with suits and attractive bottoms.

Choosing a pastel color outfit for a casual brunch day out or wedding party, you can never go wrong. So, even if your wardrobe rules with colors like blacks, whites, blues, or any bright colors. You must not forget the pastel colors. They are not going to die soon and must be in the trend for some time now. Now let’s see what kind of outfit you can own in pastel colors.

The Right Piece in Pastel Colors in Wardrobe

Pastel Colors in Wardrobe

1. Oversize Pastel Blazer

You should own that one piece in your wardrobe because it gives that edgy Instagram influencer vibe. You can team it up with shorts or a skirt that one can barely see from the bottom. It is a bit of a bold look but looks perfect in season. You can add a statement belt to define your waist. Add minimalist golden jewelry to complete the look. 

2. Pastel Trouser and Top

Pastel mint green trouser with the lilac top looks classy and edgy. You can vice-versa the color option. But mint green teaming up with lilac is just awesome and beautiful. Wearing this combination will make you stand apart and level up your Instagram game.

3. Solid Pastel Color with Pastel Prints

Now, this compliments a crazy fun because when you team up the solid pastel color bottom with print top in pastel color. It amplifies your look and makes you Instagram-worthy.

4. Denim with Pastel

Pastel tops can never go wrong with a pair of denim. If you think you are not a pastel-on-pastel person, then team up a pastel top or shirt with denim bottoms. It even gives that casual vibe that you cannot miss at all.

5. Wide Leg Pastel Bottom with Neutral Top

Choose a bright hue pastel color high-waisted wide-leg bottom and wear a neutral top, and tuck inside. It defines your waist and makes the overall sharp. The neutral top with bright pastel bottom complements each other and does not look overdone.

6. Multiple Pastel in One Piece

Choose a top where you get three pastel colors together. It becomes a statement top for any occasion, and it is not overdone when you team up with a pair of denim or black bottoms. The color block pastel top makes a stand-out in your entire look.

7. Pastel Skirt with White Blouse

It is a perfect summer combination for a day brunch get-together. You cannot ignore the look because it’s so eye-soothing and pleasant. A nude heel and simple jewelry will compliment your entire look.

8. Shorts with Powder Blue Top

Going for a beach vacation, then take along this combination with you. It makes your holiday fun where you can soak in the sunlight, water and enjoy the coolest color.

9. Pastel Rainbow Shirt

Wear the shirt over your basic regular outfit and see the magic. Its amps up your basic outfit and makes you look stylish. The classic piece of the shirt will make you look stylish.

10. Pastel Power Suit

Who says you cannot take pastel color to work? If you are confident and smart, then reflect the same in your outfit too. Wear a lilac power suit with a white shirt or top inside to give that boss lady vibe at work.


Now that you have a list of different outfits, you must have them in your wardrobe to increase the fashion game. A perfect color trend gives the fashion world a new way to style up and be ready.


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