Every fashionista worth her stilettos needs to master these designer names. Consider it a rite of passage into true fashion diva status! 

See, you can cram for hours with Italian and French textbooks, or simply flip through the latest Vogue and pick up key style terms. Definitely the funner route, in my opinion. 

The language we’re talking here? Why, the international vocabulary of haute couture, of course! Properly appreciating these fab fashion houses means knowing how to pronounce their oh-so-chic names too. 

So prick up your ears and get ready to soak up some pronunciation lessons. We’re covering the modern classics you’ve always wanted to say like a pro. No more butchered designer names for you, my friend!

How To Pronounce Fashion Brands

BCBG Max Azria

The empire that brought us sexy dresses and killer casualwear began in France twenty years ago. Tunisian designer Max Azria founded the BCBG line, which stands for “bon chic, bon genre” – essentially, “good style, good attitude.” 

Nail the pronunciation here. Just say the letters B-C-B-G. Bzzz. Easy.

Then simply Max – the regular dude’s name. 

Finally, Azria. That’s “Az” as in jazz plus “ria” like Mia. So “Ahz-ree-uh.” Not, repeat not, Azaria. There’s no Hank Azaria relation here! 

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BVLGARI brings the bold, luxury bling from Italy since way back in 1884. Today their empire has expanded into watches, fragrances, silks and leather goods alongside their stunning fine jewels.

This name throws people off because the “V” is actually a “U” in Latin. So say it as it reads: BULL-GAH-REE. Seriously, even Google will switch a “bvlgari” search to the proper Bulgari site.


This legendary name makes me crazy whenever people say “Channel” instead. Sacrilege, I tell you! 

Coco Chanel herself founded the iconic House of Chanel in France last century. Karl Lagerfeld rules the empire today. Think impeccably chic sportswear, evening gowns, handbags galore…

Repeat after me now: “Sha-nel.” “Sha” as in shove. “Nel” like the name Nell. Sha-nel. There, you’ve got it!


We have Hubert de Givenchy to thank for Audrey’s LBD. When he launched his fashion house in 1952, Givenchy stood tall beside Dior and Balenciaga in setting industry standards. Though Mr. Givenchy has departed, Riccardo Tisci now channels the label’s edgy elegance today. 

His name kicks off with the soft “J” sound, that “Jzh” French sensation. Then “ee-von-shee”, letting the French “e” make our “o.” Plus “ch” as “sh.” Jzhiv-on-shee flows so nicely, see?


Luxury handbags, ties, scarves – if it has that cute orange logo, you know Hermès made it. This luxe French brand emerged in 1837 and still crafts drool-worthy leather and silk goods today. 

However you say it, do not – I repeat, do not! – call it “Her-meez.” It’s “Air-mez.” Mmm, feel those soft syllables? Air-mez by Hermès. Tres magnifique!

Tommy Hilfiger  

Inventor of hip American classics, Tommy Hilfiger’s empire covers grown-up prep and casual cool since ’85. You’ll find his flag logo splashed on clothes, sheets, furniture – basically everything. 

But I’ve heard some oddball pronunciations like “Hill-figger” tossed around. Let’s set things straight: “Hil” as in hills. “Fig” as in figs. “Er” like in nerd. Hil-fig-er. There! Flag that name properly from now on.  

Yves Saint Laurent

Though he first reigned at House of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent debuted his own fashion line in 1962. Forget smoking jackets and sheer blouses – this guy pioneered women’s tuxedos and pantsuits too! Talk about groundbreaking. 

Yves rhymes with Christmas and New Year’s “eves.” Then “saint” like the divine. “Lore-on” plays off “lore” plus “on.” So “Eve-sahn lore-on” sounds pretty divine to me! Sashay your way into saying it correctly, darlings.

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The Takeaway: Say it Like You Own It

So there you have it — a crash course in fancy fashion-name pronunciations to whip out at your next dinner party!

My advice? Practice breezily dropping these French and Italian names in conversation. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw out on the town in Paris. Toss out a casual “Jzhiv-on-shee dress” here and an “Air-mez scarf” there.

Soon that natural couture confidence will follow and all eyes will turn your way, impressed and maybe a little jealous of your stylish verbal prowess!

After all, nailing the names of these iconic fashion houses is more than just proper pronunciation. Consider it a sassy statement to the world that you, my friend, truly belong in the inner circle of all things glamorous and chic.

So own it! Whether it’s “Sha-nel” or “Bull-gah-ree,” say those syllables like the fashion insider you were born to be. Now strut off and flaunt that nouveau fashionista vocabulary, darlings! Au revoir!

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