With so many different influences shaping your taste, it can be confusing to come up with a look that is you. It can be tempting to follow the latest trends, but at the same time, you probably have a hankering for some of the vintage styles that you may have seen in old magazines or movies. The answer then might not be to pick one or the other, but to instead fuse both old and new to come up with a unique look that will turn heads in public and online for all the right reasons.

#1 Shop for your body shape

For any clothes you choose to look flattering when you wear them, you will have to first work out your body shape. This also means that you can tame your search and limit the number of choices available to you. You should also research which colors suit your eyes and skin tone and how patterns can provide the illusion of height and curvature, whether it is to enhance them or hide them in plain sight.

#2 Try thrift store as well as purchasing new

Armed with this knowledge, you can then spend some time at your local stores – clothes shopping with friends is always more enjoyable, and you will have a critic who will be happy to provide you with their honest opinion. This can be vital to ensure you don’t get seduced into purchasing something that doesn’t suit you.

You must also visit thrift stores while on your shopping expedition, as you can pick up quality clothing at a fraction of their original cost. Most, if not all, thrift stores offer changing room facilities, so you will still be able to try before you buy. This is a ‘must do’ due to size changes across the years and from one manufacturer to another.

#3 Focus on footwear

Of course, your own unique style will also have to include footwear, and although you can pick shoes, boots, and trainers up second-hand, you may do better to purchase new ones. When it comes to your feet and your comfort, you can’t scrimp as, quite frankly, beautiful but crippling shoes are less than useful.

One way around this problem could be to go for classic styles, as you know they have a long pedigree for quality and comfort. Whether it be formal footwear or something more relaxed like the iconic nike dunk you will need to find a reliable retailer either locally or preferably online with a wide range to choose from and being highly competitive on price.

To wrap everything up

Creating your own look can be a minefield, but focusing on the right areas means you can pull it off. You need to research your style, including thrift shops and shopping online, even when it comes to buying classic footwear or vintage clothing. You also need to ensure you are buying the right items for your body shape, so enrolling a friend as a second pair of eyes can be fun and cut out some rookie mistakes.

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