How to Match Your Belt with Your Outfit?

Wearing brown color shoes with a leather brown belt or black shoes with a black belt. We wish matching belts would be that easy. If the world of men’s suiting were as simple as matching shoe colors with belts, we’d all look like a celebrity every day. The truth is that matching your belt to your shoes is an unknown rule being followed by men. No one knows how this all started, maybe a fluke by some smart men, but we all follow this rule.

The support you need

A belt is beyond an accessory used to stop pants or dress from falling down. The belt is way more important than that. It completes a dress and made you more attractive. It can be defined as simple magical touch. Furthermore, it always feels incomplete without a good-looking belt, but like every other outerwear it is significant you know how to match your belt with your outfit.

Markhor Wear the Fashion expert

The world of belts is really vast. To find your perfect partner, a little research is required. With high research on fashion trends and the experience of being number one in the leather industry, Markhor Wear is here to guide you towards the best-looking version of yourself. Here are the essential guidelines for mixing and matching like a fashionista.

Matching of colors

With the advancement of technology, we have witnessed some of the best colors and trends in the fashion industry. With amazing colors and patterns, we can assure the fashion world is on the right track. All of this advancement is a blessing and a curse. As it has bought 50 shades of each color in belts and matching them with outfits is becoming more and more tricky. If you’re wearing a dark brown leather belt, for example, make sure your shoes match your belt. Try to be as close as other colors.

Jazz your outfit with Rhinestone Leather Belt

When choosing a leather belt, make sure it’s fun to wear and looks interesting. We all had a time when we try to change our buckles to made our belts more noticeable. With the advancement and new designers, let me present you with the “Rhinestone Leather Belt“.

A complete accessory to make your outfit classier and more interesting. Plain leather belts are also good if you want to play it safe, but a Rhinestone Leather Belt can take you to the next level. It can bring you the spark you always deserve. A shine you always want. The attention that belongs to you. Here at Markhor Wear, we make some top-quality Rhinestone Leather Belts. Our entire collection is well researched on color selection, gems selection, and leather material. Markhor Wear’s Rhinestone Belts that are so good that even our competitors use them as a benchmark.

Belts for Formal Occasions

On Formal occasions like a wedding, meeting, or a presentation we advise you to keep it simple and go for a dark color leather belt with the same color shoes. Make sure your dressing is of different color otherwise, it’s going to be as a uniform. A perfect light gray color suit with mat black shoes and mat black belt can be a perfect recipe for a jaw-dropping entrance.

Belts & Other Accessories

We know what you all thinking, what if we are not wearing shoes then what we should match our belt with. The best thing about Fashion is that if you can pull it off, then you became a trendsetter. If you are going full-on casual then you can match your leather belt with other accessories like a watch, cap, hand bands even with your glasses. A bit of expert advice, we recommend going with a rhinestone belt. The color option in such types of belts is so vast that you can even match it with the weather or venue.

Define Your Appearance

Matching the color of your belt with your shoes does not work every time. There is an alternate, rather than matching your belt with a single accessory like a strap watch, shoes, or even a cap, you can go for the complete outfit. For example, if you are wearing white color sneakers or a watch, it is better if you do not wander around in search of a white leather belt. You can match the overall contrast of your outfits. You must be aware of the principle of matching your belt to your attire. The crucial part is to plan your dressing that looks effortless but stunning, even if your belt doesn’t match your shoes.


Fashion in simple words is the extent of your personality. It’s something that defines you. Everyone has a different taste and wants to follow different trends. The above tip or guidance is to help you get the second perspective. A leather belt is no doubt an important accessory for any outfit. It allows you to look sharp, organized and let you express your personality. Highly notice in an interview or by an admirer. To slay your every outfit, you must include a good quality collection of leather belts.

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