How to look stylish in casual pieces

The beauty of fashion is that it evolves in every dimension. The lazy days of wearing a basic T-shirt and converse as casual wear are long gone. Today women are spoilt for choice with casual pieces that are both stylish and fashionable to wear. Hence you feel motivated to put together a casual outfit even more. To keep it casual, choose a boutique with various pieces that motivate you to put together a casual look every day. Plus, you will upgrade your fashion taste with what you wear to run errands in town. Therefore, shop to create a comfortable look with your Lily Lulu Fashion Boutique trendy casuals and turn heads every time you step out. Below are ways to look stylish in casual pieces.

Opt for neutral colors

When you want to put together a casual look from your wardrobe, the neutral color palette will win anytime as it is presentable to the public eye. Therefore, as you shop, buy several pieces in neutral shades. In this way, you can combine them to look comfortable, cute, and functional. Plus, this should be both dark and light neutrals to enable you to pair pieces in both contrasting and complementary colors. When creating your look, you want to put a casual look together that is stylish and does not draw too much attention. Accessories like a pendant necklace will uplift your casual look to avoid making it look basic.

Wear rompers

How to look stylish in casual piece: Wear rompers

A romper is the perfect casual outfit for summer that you should take advantage of them. Not only are they stylish, but they are comfortable. Also, you can style this causal pick by dressing it up or down. However, it depends on the final look that you want to achieve. When you have rompers as part of your casual wardrobe, you do not have to worry about matching tops or bottoms as it is one flirty piece. Avoid wearing a romper on its own as it does not come out as very stylish. Create a cute yet casual look with a choker or pendant necklace and strappy sandals to make it put together.


Remember, leggings are not only pants but comfortable casual pieces that look presentable in a public setting. You can wear them to a grocery store, a friend’s house, and no one will bat an eye. Have various pairs of leggings in several styles, and take advantage of this casual piece. One way to wear it is cropped leggings with a graphic tee and converse or short dresses or patterned blouses over leggings and ankle boots. Optionally, a high waist legging with a fitting crop top is another legging look that works.

Embrace flats

How to look stylish in casual pieces: Embrace flats

If high heels are your to-go-to style, it is time to embrace flats. Plus, you can create an array of stylish looks that does not look uncomfortable with a pair of pinchy stilettoes. So, choose to wear strappy sandals when the weather is warmer and dress down your look, as the sandals are not only flat but comfortable. They add stylish intrigue to shorts, cropped jeans, rompers, casual skirts, and much more. Plus, closed flat shoes are an option like espadrilles as they are trendy and complement any basic look.

Wear patterns

How to look stylish in casual pieces: Wear patterns

Add intrigue to a cute and casual outfit with patterns. No matter the pattern you choose to wear. It will not affect how comfortable it is or its casual vibe. Plus, you do not have to deal with uncomfortable styles or detailing to rock patterns that you like. So, invest in various clothing pieces with eye-catching patterns to ensure your casual look does not come out basic but remains comfortable.

Pick a statement piece

No matter how casual your outfit is, it will benefit from a statement piece. When you wear a statement piece, it focuses on your look and adds interest to what you wear. Statement pieces also help keep a basic look stylish and intriguing. For instance, you can pair a patterned scarf with high waist jeans and a crop top. When wearing your blouse and leggings combo adding a pendant necklace completes your look. Thus, statement pieces should be simple but draw focus on the foundation of your casual outfit.

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