Who has gained a few pounds this past year? Can I see a show of hands? I know I did, and it makes me feel a little better knowing that some of you did also. Now that we will be going out more, how can you dress to hide that fact? Here are a few tips and tricks you can start using today.

1. Go for a Monochromatic Look- Preferably in darker colors. We have always heard that black makes you look slimmer- And it’s true. But you could also consider Navy Blue, Brown, Burgundy, etc. Secondly, wear that color from top to bottom. Wearing a white top with a black skirt could be a great look. But if we are talking about looking slimmer, wear a black top with a black skirt and add black heels. Monochromatic isn’t just a great trend, it’s actually truly slimming.

How to Instantly Appear Slimmer

2. Cinch in that waist with a belt- Accentuating the waistline is such a great choice. When you are choosing a belt, go for the wider one instead of a skinnier belt. There are plenty of flowy dresses out there now, which are beautiful, but they aren’t always flattering. Belts can make a huge difference. Farfetch.com has a great black leather belt from Chloé that can be so versatile and is a fan favorite.

3. Wear a V-Neck top – It’s more elongating than a crew neck, which can make someone look more bustier on the top. A V-neck will highlight your upper body skin and draw attention to your face.

Wear a V-Neck top

4. Pointy Toe Heels- Of course, we know wearing heels can make you look long and lean. A rounded toe can make you appear shorter and wider. The pointy toe is a key to making you look even longer since they are like an extension of your legs. At harveynichols.com they have a black leather pump from Valentino that is absolutely timeless.

Pointy Toe Heels

5. Choosing the Correct Undergarment and Shapewear Get a professional bra fitting. When you have a correctly fitting bra and panties, this can eliminate lines and bunch up. Investing in great shapewear can make you look smooth and lump-free.

These 5 tips and how to look slimmer and leaner will make you feel more confident while out and about. Try one of these tricks today!

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