Although “quiet luxury” can now be categorized as a trend, it is not always associated with high-end designer price tags. Instead, this fashion trend is a reflection of a change in consumer behavior toward more deliberate buying, favoring quality over quantity and opting for long-term investments. In order to avoid the overt branding associated with logomania, quiet luxury may include selecting a vintage piece with exceptional craftsmanship or a designer bag with discreet branding.

Prioritizing timeless essentials over eye-catching statement pieces is necessary to achieve this understated “old money” vibe. Expert tailoring that enhances the silhouette, even with slouchy dresses, and sophisticated accessories that don’t overpower the outfit are other essentials of the old-money look.

While wearing neutral colors is not a must, the fashion houses and people who heavily represent the trend tend to favor them. Occasional pops of color are also acceptable.

What is the quiet luxury aesthetic?

What is the quiet luxury aesthetic?

“Quiet luxury” describes classic, understated pieces crafted from the best materials. This includes items that are stylish and timeless without labels, logos, or overt slogans. On the other hand, silent luxury is accompanied by a “if you know, you know” attitude. It shouts, “I spent X money on this item without the logo,” to the fashion-savvy eye. But if you remove the price tag from the picture, what’s left is what’s known as a capsule closet.

The notion of purchasing investment pieces is referred to as the luxury factor. Less really is more, so spend a little more but buy fewer things.

Although the trend is currently popular, brands like Max Mara, Celine, The Row, Brunello Cucinelli, and Khaite have been practicing silent luxury since the beginning. For instance, Celine was the epitome of quiet luxury during the Phoebe Philo era. The brand’s DNA was always simple, stylish, and minimalistic statement items with monochromatic ensembles during Phoebe’s stint at Celine, which is one of the essential elements to achieving the “quiet luxury” style.

1. Avoid flashy pieces

Quiet luxury aesthetic: Avoid flashy pieces

Loud logos and too much branding might take away from the quiet luxury aesthetic’s underlying charm. Instead, choose items with minimal branding or none to maintain the focus on the quality entirely on the item’s design and quality.

Fast fashion items frequently lack the craftsmanship and quality associated with quiet luxury despite being inexpensive and popular. They are typically made quickly and might not hold up over time. Avoid over-accessorizing with rhinestones, sequins, or flashy hardware because they can take away from the understated elegance you’re going for.

2. Go for logoless bags

Go for logoless bags

According to the memo, showy displays of wealth are out, and subtle style is in, even with handbags. The idea of buying bags based on their instantly recognizable logos or trendy designs contrasts with the quiet luxury movement, laying less emphasis on brand identification.

Some luxury labels, such as Gucci, still find value in trademarks, but others have abandoned the concept entirely. Recently, logo-free bags have become increasingly popular, as evidenced by the Olivia hobo from Khaite.

3. Go for a clean, polished look

Go for a clean, polished look

Quiet luxury goes beyond material things and includes a holistic approach to self-care. Focus on grooming and presentation to create an image of quiet luxury. So, to start, avoid appearing disheveled. Instead, make time for activities that will improve your health, such as taking relaxing baths and maintaining a skin and hair care regimen.

Additionally, go for a clean, polished appearance with your attire, and make sure you look sophisticated and put together in general. Lastly, adopt the correct posture and practice good hygiene to exude confidence and refinement.

4. Pay attention to the details

Pay attention to the details

Fine details are what define quiet luxury. Pay close attention to your clothing’s details, including the stitching, buttons, and finishes.

Avoid showy or gaudy accessories because they may overwhelm the look as a whole. Consider going for jewelry and other accessories that complement your outfit. Small details can significantly influence how well you execute this aesthetic.

5. Choose neutral colors

Quiet luxury aesthetic: Choose neutral colors

Quiet luxury is often associated with neutral colors. Use a color scheme composed of delicate tones like grey, ivory, beige, and soft pastels. These hues have a calming presence that heightens the sense of serenity and sophistication in the environment. In the same thread, avoid using bright, neon, or clashing hues that could detract from the polished luxury look.

6. Fine Jewelry

Quiet luxury aesthetic: Fine Jewelry

Consider gold jewelry or pieces with precious or semi-precious stones for your accessories because they will last you a lifetime. Fortunately, good jewelry is no longer as pricey and out of reach as it was. Jenny Bird, Ana Luisa, Mejuri, and Dorsey are just a few brands that sell beautiful jewelry under $150.

If you want to invest in a piece of fine jewelry, keep it classic so it can be worn again and given to a loved one without looking dated. After all, this is the whole point of silent luxury. Additionally, in today’s climate, it feels right to maintain a sustainable fashion lifestyle.


Quiet luxury ultimately boils down to personal style. Therefore, remember to also work on your confidence and celebrate your uniqueness. Your unique style becomes an expression of your elegance when you are a reflection of confidence.


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