Cost Per Wear From a Pair of White Trousers

I love a bargain, but I will also buy something I really love even if it isn’t a bargain. It means that it has to get worn, though, not just sit in the wardrobe. In fact, some of the most expensive things I have bought have been worn the most; an Armani scarf, a silk Eileen Fisher dress, and a Mulberry clutch bag, for example.

There are several keys to getting good cost per wear from an item:

  • It is in a neutral, a navy blazer or a tan handbag
  • It’s in one of your best accent colors, for example, a red cashmere scarf
  • It can be worn in different ways, to the office or out in the evening

Although my example below isn’t expensive, a pair of white trousers might be an item you would think you wouldn’t get much wear from, especially if you live in the UK with our erratic summers. But if you make sure that they are machine washable and that you have the right underwear to go under them (flesh-colored, not white), you have plenty of options from casual to dressy.

How to wear white trousers, cost per wear from white trousers

Wear them casually in a “Parisian Chic” look. Use accessories cleverly to change the look of an outfit.

Cost per wear from white trousers
How to wear white trousers, cost per wear from white trousers.

Take them on holiday with a must-have off-the-shoulder top and a big hat for sightseeing.

white pant matching shirt

Wear them for smart casual office wear or out for lunch.

what to wear with white pants female

Out for dinner at home or for the evening on holiday.

If you have a good selection of accessories, it is easy to get multiple looks from one item. Invest in great accessories when you see them or pounce on them in the sale because they really will make your wardrobe work harder.

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