How To Effortlessly Style Bell-Bottom Jeans

Fashion comes and goes, with trends fading in and out of relevancy at a faster rate today due to social media. However, if you want to stay fashionable without falling victim to the passage of time, a pair of bell-bottom jeans are always a good choice.

You can do a lot with bell-bottom jeans, making them an effortless styling option with endless possibilities. Let’s go through different ways to style and accessorize these items for endless customization.

Types of Bell-Bottom Jeans

Multiple types of bell-bottom jeans exist in the world of fashion, including bootcut, wide-flare, cropped flare, and high-waisted jeans.

Bootcut jeans offer a gentler degree of flaring, creating a more conservative look that leaves room for stylish boots. On the other end, wide-flare jeans provide the most dramatic look that’s reminiscent of 1970s styles, creating an attention-grabbing look. Cropped-flare jeans create a fun look by trimming the bottom-most part of the pant leg, while high-waisted flare jeans sit higher on your waist, perfect for tucking in longer tops or pairing with cropped tees.

Bell-Bottom Jean Styling Tips

Styling bell-bottom jeans effortlessly can result in timeless, eye-catching looks and endless wardrobe possibilities. Styling bell-bottoms don’t have to be complicated!

Play the Professional Card With Blazers

While bell-bottom jeans make for a stylish choice when going out with friends, you can also change up the look to appear more professional. If your workplace or profession allows solid-color jeans, you can pair your bell-bottoms with a blazer to achieve a more serious style. Blazers in colors such as black, white, tan, burgundy, and olive are always look professional.

Go Bright and Bold With Accessories

Bell-bottom jean styles can range from casual to dramatic, and the perfect way to balance out these two aesthetics is with bright and bold accessories. You can choose from a brightly colored purse, pastel bracelets and rings, and a pair of white sunglasses for a retro look. Accessories are a fun wat to explore styles without going too far out of your comfort zone.

Seek Vintage Inspiration

Play around with the history of bell-bottom jeans by pulling from vintage styles. A chunky platform heel, boldly patterned tops, or a vintage graphic tee can pull the entire look together. Whether on-lookers will admire your commitment to paying homage to the past or draw inspiration from your look, you’ll have a blast experimenting with nostalgic fashion in the modern era.

Bell-bottoms have come in and out of fashion for decades, creating a cultural and stylish impact for fashion lovers of all ages. Get out of your comfort zone and give bell-bottoms a chance!

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