How to Dress up Like a Fashion Influencer: Beach Edition
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Are you a beach person? Do you love playing in the water at the beach? Or are you the one who sits nearby the shore, reading a book and sipping a drink? Maybe you are both! It doesn’t matter as long as you wear a classy & comfortable beach outfit. An outfit perfect for taking a picture at a moment’s notice. Sounds like a lot to accomplish? It doesn’t! You can achieve this by following fashion influencers’ best outfit ideas and advice. If you are into fashion, you must follow fashion influencers to take inspiration from them for your beach look. Right? To make things easier, here are five outfit ideas to dress up like an influencer at the beach.

Outfit ideas for the beach


If you think Kaftan is not a beach outfit, you are wrong. Kaftan is a versatile outfit, and pairing it for the beach is easy enough. Most influencers love wearing kaftans at the beach. You can take hints from them to style them. It looks gorgeous and is comfortable too. Here’s how to style it:

  • Use it as a stylish cover-up for your bikini or swimwear. It is the perfect accessory for your beachwear.
  • Pair the kaftan with designer shades and sandals. Lastly, accessorize it with a layered neck chain and hoops.

Halter neck bodysuit paired with high-waisted shorts

Another fashionista’s favorite is a halter neck bodysuit paired with high-waist shorts. One outfit with two purposes. Wear a bodysuit when you want to go swimming at the beach. Add shorts when you want to walk around the beach and enjoy the sunset. Pair it with tinted shades, flip-flops, a small bag, and your favorite nude lip shade.

Spaghetti-strap dress

Not everyone wants to spend the entire weekend in the sand. Some want to explore nearby restaurants or a tourist place overlooking the beach. Thus, after swimming, you should have a stylish dress to explore. A patterned spaghetti-strapped dress works wonders for this purpose. It’s sexy, comfortable, and perfect for summer. Pair it with flats or slip-on and minimal but fun jewelry. Fun jewelry includes colorful pearl necklaces or bracelets.

A maxi dress

Were you mesmerized by the maxi dress you saw an influencer wearing on the beach? Then why not include it for your beach vacation? A bright maxi dress looks incredibly gorgeous, either a full floral or patterned one. You can wear it as a cover-up during the day. Or use the dress to enjoy a fun dinner with friends or your partner. Of course, they also work great for beach wedding dresses.

Pairing a maxi dress is simple. During the day, add a string hat. At night, add sneakers or block heels and silver jewelry.

Coordinated shorts/skirts with a crop top

Another thing you will see every fashion influencer wearing at the beach is coord sets. For example, when you coord a short or skirt with a crop top, the result is chic, sassy, and elegant. The best part about this look? You can make a few changes to make it suit day or night. For instance, adding heels, elegant long earrings, and letting your hair down makes the best night outfit for parties or dinner.

Tips to Remember

Whenever you pack outfits for the beach or any other vacation, follow these tips as professed by fashion influencers.

Create a different look with one piece

It’s best to pick an item that helps you create multiple looks at the beach. For instance, a white dress looks perfect. But you can also tuck it in skinny jeans to wear as a top and wear it when shopping.

Have your style

Sure, take inspiration from tons of influencers. But in the end, wear something that’s your style. Using inspiration, create a look that you are comfortable with, showing your style.

Add the right accessory.

For your beach look to be perfect, pick the right accessory. Even a simple outfit shines brighter after pairing it with a perfect accessory. For instance, a layered gold necklace with a white bikini looks incredible.

Follow these beach fashion outfit ideas from influencers to have a memorable & stylish time. Lastly, always wear what you are comfortable with. It will automatically be stylish. All fashion influencers follow this tip.

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