How To Dress Appropriately for Any Occasion

Not to sound like an old codger, but people used to take more pride in their dress. It wasn’t long ago that folks would wear their Sunday’s Finest to fly instead of a sweatsuit. Then, it was more of an anomaly to be seen in casual clothes. But times have changed. The popularity of comfort over style has taken the fashion world by storm. 

Of course, part of the problem can be knowing what to wear for what occasion. After all, as our airplane example above illustrates, etiquette is constantly changing. Luckily, a few tips ensure you are always appropriately dressed — no matter the circumstance.

To ensure that you are always dressed appropriately for any occasion, invest in quality essentials, tend towards more modest styles, and be sure to prepare your wardrobe in advance.

In unison with being aware of the occasion ahead of time, these tips can go a long way in ensuring that you’re always appropriately clothed. 

Incorporate Classic Essentials

Incorporate Classic Essentials
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One way to be sure that you always look your best is to rely on tried-and-true fashion staples. By forgoing the flavor of the month, you’ll slowly build a collection of timeless pieces that you can use to make outfits suitable for almost any setting. Also, consider subscribing to a fashion magazine or following an influencer for direct insight into the classic essentials.

For example, a pleated skirt can be great for running errands or a casual night out, but it can quickly elevate to a more formal ensemble with the right pairings. When thinking of what to add to your closet, go for pieces you could see a classic Hollywood star wearing. More contemporary clothing will quickly look dated. So, as tempting as it may be, try to avoid buying a cat-patterned hoodie.

The right foundational pieces can make all the difference when rehabbing your wardrobe. Not only will you look more put together in simple configurations such as a simple sweater, pants, and flats, but you’ll be more comfortable as well. These types of clothes will be what you wear every day.

And this doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Instead, consider what you already have on hand with an eye on the versatility and timelessness of the fashion. Then, fill in any glaring wardrobe holes by purchasing quality vintage pieces. Local consignment shops or a thrift store can be perfect to score some deals. 

Dress More Modestly

Dress More Modestly

If you struggle to match the tone of certain occasions with your regular clothing, consider dressing more modestly. An overly complicated pattern or explicit content would not suit multiple events.

Most other styles should be fair game. They may include dresses that terminate past the knee, covered shoulders, long sleeves, and blouses that cover up instead of accentuating the chest. In addition, a head covering may be required in certain religious ceremonies, so it is always good to check ahead of time.

But what if you’re going on a tropical vacation? Let’s say a cruise to the Bahamas. What should you wear in this case? Well, comfort obviously should be considered in addition to modesty. However, don’t automatically assume this means you will have to swelter in silence as it is possible to dress modestly and not melt from the sun at the same time. A U/V blocking sun shawl is just one such item that fashionistas can utilize to accomplish this.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to lack vibrancy or fun. Even a modest skirt can still be colorful or patterned. Recent examples could be vintage-style denim skirts or midi skirts with floral patterns. The best part about such skirts? A simple blouse pairing creates that classic look that is right for nearly all casual events. 

Plan Your Outfits

Want to know one sure-fire trick to ensure you are always dressed appropriately? Always know where you’re going. While sometimes this can be out of your control, it often doesn’t need to be.

For example, pack a go-bag with varied essentials to be ready the next time a last-minute trip is “sprung” on you. This way, you can be as prepared for a romantic beachfront trip to Hawaii as you are for a visit to your in-laws.

You can undertake a simpler version of this at home. Layout your next day’s outfit before bed, and consider all you may do that day. Making this one change can make a huge difference. 

Dressing Appropriately Can Make All the Difference

It is easy to let your fashion fall to the wayside with crazy life factors. But it doesn’t need to end up that way. With proactive planning, better curating of your closet, and dressing more modestly, you’ll likely find that your wardrobe will eventually consist of clothes that can fit nearly any situation.

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