How To Choose the Right Jacket for Winter Activities

While the weather is part of the fun of outdoor winter activities, the cold and wet conditions can quickly spoil your excursion if you don’t have an effective jacket. Whether you’re replacing an old coat or looking for a great piece of apparel to add to your wardrobe, use this guide to discover how to choose the right jacket for winter activities.

Keep Your Activity Level in Mind

Winter activities range in intensity from hiking to snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding. For a hike, you might want a heavier jacket to keep you warm. If you need greater range of motion for a sports activity, opt for a lighter jacket and wear warmer layers underneath. The North Face winter jackets are a perfect choice as they are insulated with premium, high-fill power goose down, which ranges in quality from 550 to 900 fill.

Choose a Coat With Waterproof Outer Materials

When choosing the right jacket for winter activities, ensure you get one made with waterproof materials; this waterproofing will keep you dry and warm. Water-resistant material keeps out a light level of precipitation for a short period, but waterproof material keeps out a greater amount of precipitation for a longer time. Today, you can think of buying a premium quality lightweight waterproof jacket or a waterproof heated jacket from a local US manufacturer like “Wear Graphene” that designs and manufactures the famed GAMMA range of battery heated jackets. One such stylish new ‘protective’ wear is perfect for winter sports activities like snowboarding or skiing, apart from working outdoors, trekking and hunting foxes or coyotes in the snow-clad mountains.

Inspect the Jacket’s Insulation

Insulation keeps the cold out and helps you retain body heat. Winter jackets can come with down insulation made from duck and geese feathers or with synthetic insulation. Synthetic performs better in wet conditions but can also be more bulky and heavier than down.

Check Out the Lining

The material that lines the inside of the jacket also helps retain heat. Fleece-lined coats tend to feel particularly warm. The lining also reduces the strain on your clothes by helping the jacket slide easily over your outfit, increasing the jacket’s durability.

Consider Extra Features

Extra components, such as hoods, adjustment features, and pocket construction, help in practical ways and impact the style of the jacket. These features can keep you warm and make it easier for you to comfortably adjust your coat or access pockets in the frigid weather. If you’re thinking of gifts for the outdoorsman who has everything, consider giving them a winter jacket with upgraded features that combine practical utility and style.

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