With springtime approaching soon, it is time to retire your winter wardrobe and start getting out those dresses and light jackets. With the weather beginning to finally warm up a little, you will finally be able to wear something other than being bundled up in a hat, scarf, and gloves. Typical springtime fashion consists of pastels, florals, skirts, and dresses. Spring is associated with a pastel color palette, but do not let this stop you from stepping outside of the box and trying out some neon hues or even something a bit more muted.

This spring comes with a whole new set of fashion trends, and it can be difficult to keep up with everything from the hottest new heels to the freshest womens dresses that are all over the runway. Do not let this intimidate you in the slightest. This is going to be your guide to choosing dresses this spring that will keep you looking fashionable! 


Spring is a great season to experiment with your fashion choices. Currently, asymmetric dresses are trending on the runway. An asymmetric dress may have a hemline that is a funky shape. Some asymmetric dresses will have one long sleeve, and the other will be completely sleeveless or perhaps even a ruffle. This style really adds some flair and uniqueness. This style is great for dressing down for a quick brunch accompanied by some blocky wedges and a denim jacket, or you can choose to dress it up with some stilettoes and by opting for a one-sleeve dress — perhaps even something with a slit.  

Bubble Hems

Bubble hems are a fantastic style of dress that is a nod to the 80s. If you are someone who is into vintage fashion, you are definitely going to want to grab yourself one ASAP! This style of dress usually consists of something sleeveless in bright neon hues. However, you can also find some stunning strapless pieces with extra details, such as large bows that are perfect for a night out. The bubble hems may not be for everyone as they are quite out there, but don’t let this stop you from exploring something new. They are a great alternative to the typical spring color palette and are definitely an eye-catcher from afar!

Sheer Dresses

Sheer Dresses
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For those who are a fan of layering or even those who are looking to get into it — sheer dresses are a perfect choice. Sheer dresses are extremely versatile and are worn in many different ways. Long sheer dresses can be worn as skirts with tops or sweaters layered over them — this is great for a casual spring look. You can do the opposite and tuck in the bottom of your sheer dress into some jeans. They can come in a multitude of different colors and can also come in gorgeous prints. This is a great spring essential as they can be worn in so many different ways yet still look fashionable and unique. Sheer dresses can also be used as bikini or swimsuit coverups for anyone who is planning to go on vacation and wants something they can wear back from the beach and straight to dinner. 

Sequins and Glitter

Sequins and Glitter
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Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! This spring is seeing a whole lot more shimmer than ever before. From maxi-length dresses that are completely covered in glistening sequins to a mini hand-embellished sequin dress – there is an option for everyone. The great thing about dresses that are covered in sequins and or glitter is that they immediately look great in all lighting — you might catch yourself shimmering during a spring sunset or sunrise. Another great thing about these dresses is that they come in a variety of colors — this makes them very versatile, and it also makes them easy to dress up and down. The only thing you may want to watch in this style of dress is the finer sequins and glitter may transfer onto skin or other fabrics. 

Straight and Tube-Like

It might be time to replace your tight bodycon dresses with something a little more shapeless. We’ve seen the 80s come back, as have the 90s. Less form-fitting dresses that have a little length to them are trending this spring season. These dresses are usually strapless — this makes them a great choice as the weather starts to warm up a little. They are also usually on the longer side ranging from midi to maxi in length — they can often look formal; it would be recommended to keep this dress for occasions such as special dinners or even weddings.

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