How to Choose the Perfect Full Skirt for Your Shape

Full skirts are one of the most feminine and stylish skirts to opt for. But, if you’re not careful wearing them, you may run the risk of your entire body looking as wide as your thighs. To wear this skirt style successfully, you must be mindful of creating a balanced hourglass shape with the right fit and perfect style of full skirt for you.

What is a Full Skirt, and How Do I Style It?

Whether they are inset with godets, layered with tulle, box-pleated, gathered, pleated, paneled, or ruffled, full skirts are conventionally feminine and dramatic as they move as you stride and swish from side to side. However, full skirts are trickier, especially if they’re made of hard fabrics or if you don’t want to tuck your tops into skirts. Whatever style you want, keep in mind that your ultimate goal in wearing this skirt style is to define your waist, or else you’ll look shapeless or heavier than you are.

To highlight your waistline, you have to find a top that is short and tight enough to do the job, as wearing loose tops over a full skirt is “sack-like” and not flattering for everyone. Instead, go for a fit-and-flare look that’s more polished and neat. When it comes to wearing a full skirt with outerwear, stick to cropped or form-hugging styles.

Also, a waist can be created simply by tucking in a top. Full skirts traditionally sit high on the waist, so if you’re wearing longer and looser tops, you may tuck it in your skirt for a balanced look.

You can tuck in a button-down shirt, wear a tucked or untucked figure-hugging sweater, or pop a buttoned-up jacket over a layering top. To avoid lumps and bumps, make sure that the skirt doesn’t gather too much at the waist. Just play around with the balance and proportions to create the desired look.

Can You Wear a Full Skirt With a Belt?

Full skirt with button down shirt
Full skirt with a button-down shirt.

Wearing belts is a great solution for a full skirt to show off the waist, so you don’t necessarily need to tuck your top. The advantage of doing this is the waist is cinched, and the longer top flattens down the fullness of the skirt over the hips and thighs.

However, if you do have a large chest, you must be mindful of wearing belts. Because whenever you shorten a body area with clothing, you visually make that area look bigger than it already is.

If you have a large chest and a long waist, your waist can still look shorter than it is because of the size of your bust. And, by shortening the waist further with a belt, your waist is shortened, even more, making your bust look disproportionately bigger than it is. So, for a quick fix, opt for thinner belts and avoid very wide belts or contrast colored belts as they may affect your body proportions.

You must also contain your thighs as if you wear loose and flowing clothing on the heavier areas of your body. The larger hips and thighs take whatever shape the loose bottom takes.

You have to remember that big, baggy clothes only make you look big and baggy. So when wearing full skirts, you may get some support through shapewear while keeping the skirt from getting stuck between your legs when you walk. Also, you may go for shaped jackets or cardigans that have a shape in the waist.

How to Choose the Right Full Skirt for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Right Full Skirt for Your Body Type

Choosing a full skirt that’s the right length for you can make all the difference when it comes to looking stylish and polished. So when choosing a full skirt, go for the ones that fall at the slimmest part of your leg that’s usually above or below the knees.

If they’re hemmed to the widest part of your legs, they will optically appear larger than they actually are, and you’ll look heavier and appear shorter.

Though full skirts in mini lengths are a great look for those who like to showcase their legs, they can only make your frame heavier if you’re pear-shaped. On the other hand, avoid full skirts that are too long as they can overwhelm your figure.

Full skirts can make even the tallest of people look short if they aren’t worn properly. Keep in mind that any time you lengthen a part of your body, you also slim the area too. So whether you have heavy legs or not, add length to your frame with vertical stripes or nude heels, as the longer, you look, the slimmer you look.

Secondly, if you have large legs, stay away from ankle straps as it will only cut you off. A pair of shoes that match closely with the color of your legs will create a longer leg line. So, your body will look more balanced and taller.

Now that you already know how to pick the most flattering full skirt style for you, feel free to look for full skirts that can define your personality and lifestyle.

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