If you want to avoid the hustle of having several tops and not finding the right one for the occasion, you need to pay attention to the different styles. Girl tops come in numerous styles, and choosing an appropriate one is essential because your top can make or break your outfit. Thus, you need to consider several elements before donning any top.

Some go together with specific bottoms, while others bring out the best of your body type. The best style for your tops also highlights your positive features. So, here’s how to choose between different kinds of girl tops: 

  1. Sweater Tops

When the temperature drops, sweater tops come in handy. They’re the best when you want to keep cozy and warm. You can wear them for formal and official events. Besides, you can chill at home in them. 

You’ll also be spoilt for choice on the different available styles, like the ones listed at Justice. It’d help to purchase a few sweater tops of different designs and cuts and alternate wearing them. If you’re looking for unique designs, you might also want to explore Le Ora for their exclusive collection. 

  1. Tunic Tops

If you love the loosely hanging vibe on your tops, you’d like to try the tunic tops. They’re flattering to every figure. You can have the long ones that go up to your knees or the shorter version that cuts on your hips.  

Depending on the material, they can be worn formally or casually. Tunic tops made from chiffon fabric look more relaxed, and you can throw them on when going shopping or to the salon with your friends. 

On the other hand, cotton and silk tunic tops are perfect for a formal occasion. You can pair it with pants or a skirt to give a formal vibe. There are online shops like shopjustice.com that sell different styles and designs, plus amazing discounts, and you may want to check them out.

  1. Tank Tops

The tank top is one versatile and multi-seasonal top that you can use to spice up your outfit. Their narrow straps make them easy to wear under your jacket, sweater, or blazer, especially when the temperatures begin to drop. You can rock a tank top in summer paired with your favorite shorts, skirt, or jeans.

How To Choose Between Different Styles Of Girl Tops
  1. Backless Tops

You can wear backless tops as undergarments or outerwear if you need support with your bare-back dresses. While choosing them, ensure you pick the same color as the dress. Wearing contrasting backless tops as undergarments on your dress is a fashion faux pas. But if your backless tops are outerwear, you can select different shades and spice up your outfit.

  1. Cami Tops

Every girl needs a cami top in their closet. You can rock this top for every summer event and look at the part. Make sure to choose the right color or pattern depending on your purpose. For instance, you can wear a black cami top underneath a crop top if you feel like hiding your stomach

On the other hand, it’s best to wear a printed cami top if you feel like being bold and outgoing. Remember to use a seamless tube bra or nipple tapes, so they don’t show under the top, and you’ll be good to go.  

Again, the fabric is vital in making your cami top stand out. For instance, you can pair a silk cami top with your jeans, blazer, and high heels. Likewise, you can rock them with a miniskirt or shorts and sneakers. Thanks to its versatility, you can wear it with anything in your closet and still look stylish.      

  1. Button-Down Shirt

The button-down shirt is another staple and a chic outfit for every girl. It can save your day if you need a more formal and feminine look. Just pair it with a pencil skirt or fitted black jeans. Alternatively, you can wear them casually. You can tuck them in or let them loose, pair them with shorts and sneakers, and you’re good to go.

  1. Peplum Tops

You can flatter your features with a peplum top if you’re a plus-sized girl. The top cinches at the natural waistline, and flares from the waist downwards, providing a flattery cover to your abs and bums. As for the upper part, you can go for a deep V or round neckline, depending on how much skin you’re comfortable showing.  


With the different top styles for girls, your wardrobe should never feel boring. Stock your closet with tops of different styles to break the monotony. While at it, select only the best tops that match your fashion sense and body type, and you’ll also make a fashion statement on every occasion. Moreover, it’d help to explore your creativity and try different combinations. Don’t stick to the suggestions herein; build on them and develop unique ideas that speak volumes about your fashion sense. 

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