Essentials hoodies have become a staple in streetwear and hype beast culture. Brands like Fear of God Essentials have made luxury hoodies a coveted item among fashionistas and hype beasts alike. However, not everyone wants to follow the crowd. So here is a guide on how to be unpopular when it comes to hoodies.

Don’t Buy Anything Essentials

The quickest way to become unpopular is to not own any essentials at all. While everyone is flaunting their new Essentials hoodies, you can rebel by not buying into the hype. Refuse to spend $200 on a basic hoodie just because it has the Essentials logo. Don’t compromise your personal style just to fit in. If Essentials isn’t your thing, stick to brands and styles you genuinely like rather than what’s trendy.

Opt for Cheap Hoodies Instead

Essentials hoodies are known for their premium quality and fabrics. But you can make a statement by choosing cheap hoodies instead. Hit up your local Walmart or Target for plain hoodies made of basic cotton or polyester. The thinner and rougher the material, the better. Bonus points if you choose an off-brand hoodie with a small logo no one recognizes. When asked why you wear a $10 hoodie, proudly declare you refuse to pay more for a hoodie just because of some hypebeast logo.

Ignore New Releases

One way hypebeasts show off is by instantly buying new Essentials hoodie releases. But you can reject that mindset by ignoring all new releases altogether. Don’t bother keeping up with the latest colorways or hoodie drops. When your friends ask if you’ll buy the new grey Essentials hoodie, shrug and say you’re not interested in buying any overpriced hoodies right now. Your indifference to the hype will demonstrate your commitment to your own style.

Disrespect the Brand

Some hardline anti-hypebeasts will full-on condemn and disrespect brands like Essentials. You can take that approach by talking trash about Essentials at any chance. When someone compliments your friend’s new hoodie, jump in to point out that it’s overpriced and overhyped without any substance behind it. Share your critiques of Essentials’ bland minimalistic designs that lack innovation. Vocally boycott or protest the brand by refusing even to say the name “Essentials” – instead always referring to it scornfully as “that overpriced hype beast brand.”

Trash the Fit

Essentials hoodies are usually worn as part of a meticulously styled hype beast fit. But you can reject that entire approach. Deliberately style your outfits incorrectly or mismatch clothes that “clash” with the essential hoodie. Wear baggy dad jeans with retro white sneakers and tall socks. Combine ill-fitting streetwear pieces from various brands and genres that don’t complement each other aesthetically. When questioned about your questionable style, declare loudly that you refuse to be a hype beast sheep by matching some manufactured Instagram look. Your distaste for the hyper-styled hype beast aesthetic will demonstrate your rebellion against Essentials culture.

Get Something Tailored Instead

Get Something Tailored Instead

True anti-hypebeasts should skip hoodies altogether and opt for custom-tailored pieces instead. Go to a tailor and get fitted for a unique piece like a tailored shirt or blazer. Or work with a local designer to create a one-of-a-kind garment just for you. Explain how your tailored piece is made just for you with care and quality craftsmanship, unlike those mass-produced hoodies churned out for hyperbeasts. The price may be similar, but you’ll stand out from the crowd in your original piece.

Embrace Other Streetwear Brands

The anti-hype beast still wants to be stylish – just in their own way. You can establish your unique sense of style by embracing brands outside of the mainstream hype beast labels. Discover and support independent streetwear startups with a more experimental or artistic angle. Shop small local brands catering to your city’s distinct culture and style. Thrifting for vintage grails. Curate a distinctive look featuring pieces the typical hype beasts wouldn’t recognize. Show you can still look fire without chasing trends and hype.

Call Out Hypebeast Culture

Part of rejecting hyper-beast culture is openly criticizing its more negative aspects. Point out how constantly chasing hype trains and flexing luxury labels promotes shallow consumerism rather than authentic personal style. Criticize hype beasts for blindly following trends just for social validation. Share examples of ridiculous prices or resell markups to make your case against hype going too far. Make thoughtful arguments for valuing quality, affordability, and responsible consumption instead. Educate and inspire others to avoid hypebeasts’ obsessive branding, elitism, and materialism.

In the Essentials hoodie world, hype and popularity reign supreme. But going against the grain requires confidence and commitment. By intentionally positioning yourself in opposition to Essentials hypebeast culture, you can demonstrate that you genuinely value your own unique style and principles. It may not make you popular, but it will set you apart in an authentic and rebellious way. The anti-hype beast marches to the beat of their own drum – and that itself is the flex.

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