How To Afford Luxury Designer Items

No matter if it’s an expensive designer bag, sartorial garment, or a piece of luxury jewelry, we all have dreams about having luxury brands and signature pieces to be in our possession. Whilst some easily can make expensive impulse purchases and get that gorgeous bag, for others, well, we get green of envy and start drawing them instead, like the lovely Instagrammer @thelustlist. Although it seems unfair, with my 7 super easy and simple to live by hacks, I guarantee you’ll be able to save the money you need in order to invest in fabulous and dreamy luxury goodies in no time.

#1 Make a list

Writing down the things you need and want on a list will help you separate your actual needs and thereby have greater control of your money. Always carry the list with you, and when you’re in a dangerous situation, like in a mall, pull out the list as a reminder in order to avoid unnecessary lack of money.

#2 Skip impulse purchase

You’re in a designer concept store (darling, why are you even there?), and you’ve just found the cutest dress that surprisingly fits you perfectly. I know what you’re thinking, but please DON’T BUY IT.

Trust me; you will thank me later when you are strolling around the city with your new Chanel bag. Keep your focus on your money-saving goal, and remember to pull out the list as a reminder. The list will help you stay focused on your goal so that you can buy the things you really want.

#3 Separate your bank accounts

Keeping money in different bank accounts gives you more control of your spending. In order to stay focused on the goal, a tip is to name the account like the goal, for instance, “Chanel Bag.” And yes, visualizing goals are effective ways to reach them easier and faster.

Have one food account, one for bills and payments, one for long-term savings, and one for your shopping cravings. Set up a budget and don’t compromise; always stick to the plan. Keeping a budget will help you take control of your money and reduce all unnecessary costs.

#4 Sell things you’re not using

As simple as that. Sell all the clothes, shoes, and bags you’re not using. Without taking any detours, deposit the earned money to your goals bank account.

#5 Eliminate small costs

Do you really need to buy a take-away latte every day? You’ll survive without it (I promise), and the best part is that the absence of the take-away coffee will increase your money stack. Simply brew your own coffee at home; just make sure your take-away cup is a good one. Another tip to reduce small costs is to always make sure to have a snack, such as fruit, in your purse, so you don’t have to buy expensive energy bars or smoothies on the go.

#6 Planning, planning, planning

Planning your daily purchases and routines means saving money. This is the most important thing on my list of useful hacks. Ask yourself one more time if you really need the thing you’re about to buy. Purchasing only planned stuff will save you lots, lots of money. Also, carpooling or even taking the bus or subway will help you save money. Not to mention the reduction of pollution. If you want to save money and get the health benefits, go for power walks or ride your bike instead of taking the car. Skip visits to your favorite restaurant or coffee shops (at least for a while), and trust me, within a month, you’ll be so much closer to your saving goals.

#7 Buy it second hand

Well, who says you have to buy new luxury items? Buy it second-hand! There are plenty of stores and webshops where you can find luxury brands second-hand. But be careful, so you don’t get scammed. Learn what you need to know about the brand and product and what you need to look for. Also, don’t forget to ask for a receipt.

That’s all for now; I hope this list will help you grow your money stack.

I wish you all a great day!

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