How Do I Decide If Something Is An Investment Piece?

I want to start investing in more quality pieces but am not sure where to start. Are there pieces that I should spend more money on than others? 

I have a friend who will gladly pay upwards of $100 on tees, hoodies, and sneakers—items I can’t fathom forking over that much money for. Most of my spending budget goes to bags, sweaters, and, of course, skinny pants.

The point I’m making is this: Shopping, much like personal style, often boils down to factors outside of arbitrary (and ever-changing!) “buy this, not that” lists. Yes, there are pieces—a wear-anywhere dress, a pair of pointy shoes, and a statement bag, for example—that most fashion insiders swear by, but even those are open to debate.

So, consider your lifestyle, body, and budget before you run out to Barneys. Do you gravitate to feminine or menswear-inspired pieces? Do you prefer flats over heels? Is there a particular category (dresses, skirts, coats) that defines you to find yourself buying in multiples? Everyone’s idea of an “investment piece” is different—one girl’s splurge is another girl’s clearance-rack find—so the answers to those questions are often the guiding light on what’s worth it for you.

What’s a stylish (and work-appropriate) alternative to black blazers?

Lately, I’ve really been into sleeveless jackets like these two styles from online retailer Missguided (available in olive green and camel, at $68 each). You can style them just as you would your blazer—with a blouse and trousers or with a pencil skirt and knit, but the long-line silhouette immediately modernizes the outfit. And if the length is too dramatic, there are several versions that are more classic in their design, including this one from Topshop.

Lastly, if you’d like to stay in the blazer family, here’s a guide on how to pull off the schoolboy style and a roundup of the best double-breasted blazers, both of which are huge trends this season.

With winter fast approaching, what are the must-have accessories for cold weather?

Bootsscarves, and hats are winter essentials, so I’ll suggest a smaller detail that’s popular for the season: brooches.

On the runway, labels from Balenciaga to Chanel to Saint Laurent to Coach added ornamental pins to sweaters, jackets, and coats with positive results. And during fashion month, you couldn’t walk into a venue without first passing a slew of street-style stars giving the trend their own spin.

They bring a subversive edge to ladylike looks and amp up the cool factor on simple combos like jeans and T-shirts. And whether you wear just one or several at a time, your outfits are certain to look and feel more personal.

Another bonus: They don’t have to be brand-spanking-new pins either (although, if you’re looking for one, here’s my favorite from Hermès). Rummage through your mom’s jewelry box or stop by your favorite vintage store—you’d be surprised to see what’s on hand waiting to be repurposed. 

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