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How do you work on your personal style
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There are a few occasions that normally call for some sort of dress code: weddings, funerals, middle school, red carpet events, and work. When it comes to the last one, there are always a few general guidelines you should abide by, even if you work in a creative field. (Getting away with wearing a bikini in front of colleagues would be challenging unless you are a lifeguard or swimsuit model.) You want to ensure your outfit is appropriate for work, but you also still want to be able to express your personal style. So, how do you ensure you are dressed appropriately but you still feel reasonably stylish at work?

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I feel lucky that I work in a creative industry where it’s not a black-suit-or-nothing type of dress code. It helps even more that I can write from home, where I can wear whatever I like. I could wear a ballgown if I felt so inclined.

It’s difficult to give general tips because what is acceptable can vary widely from workplace to workplace. I think it’s easier to incorporate your personality with accessories, such as your shoes and bag. The same applies to your jewelry, provided you don’t select anything too ornate or large. Outerwear is another safe option. You can put on a statement coat for the commute since I doubt you’re going to wear it inside unless the heat stops working.

Tell us in the comments how you balance looking professional and fashionable at work.

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