How Bad Public Relations Can Damage a Brand

Managing your relations with the public is perhaps one of the most challenging things any business can do at the moment. The world has effectively changed with the advent of the internet and progressive technologies similarly as in the fashion market. Plus, with social media, things can go viral in no time. That is why maintaining goodwill for your company becomes an absolute as lousy word of mouth can quickly damage your reputation in the eyes of the public.

Good PR for brands helps them to bring in authenticity and credibility for the ventures. This also allows brands to be more relevant for their targeted audiences. According to a 2019 Global Communications Report, 59% of professionals trained to manage PR for companies claim that technology will drive considerable changes for the industry. However, in this post, we are going to provide you with some of the ways lousy PR can damage your brands. So without any further a due, let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

How can Bad PR hurt Your Brand?

· Loss of Trust

One of the biggest disadvantages of bad PR for businesses is the loss of trust in the consumers and prospects says premium jacket blogging experts. When your candidates start viewing you as an unreliable and distasteful entity that lacks integrity, then that is spiritual death for the brand. Meaning the brand might exist in the physical realm, but it has long passed over in the minds of the targeted audiences. Recovery from such a scenario might be hard and nigh impossible. It is a known fact that building up your reputation in the eyes of the public takes years of hard work; however, one’s downfall or demise takes only moments.

· Decline in Sales

There is no doubt that bad PR spreads like wildfire. While some of your loyal customers would try to fight and win back some support for you, others have a tendency to fall away from your cries. There might come a stage where your brands will evidently observe a sharp decline in overall sales. Your projected sales figures and actual revenues will start to show an apparent disparity between the two. This is the time when you realize how quickly you are losing customers as well as your grip on the market share that you once enjoyed.

· Competitors Take Advantage

It goes without saying that your rivals will seek out any opportunity to strike back at you. This might be considered a dishonorable means of attack. Still, if a competitor finds that you are having trouble managing your rapport in public, they will make quick use of this information and start to threaten with the intent to bully you as well. Believe us, no business wants to be in a position where a competitor starts to take advantage of your tough time and begins to dictate terms to you. Some might consider blackmail as a choice of weapon to hurt you in places and in public as well.

· Word of Mouth

We have already mentioned before that word of mouth can lead to the deterioration of your public image. In fact, essay writers UK many studies suggest that customers share bad experiences with a company more than a good one. Plus, many of the customers nowadays have an online presence. In fact, I myself have more than 800+ contacts in my Facebook account. While this doesn’t count as much, but considering the butterfly effect, we all know that a bad review online can potentially reach thousands of other customers.

Before you know it the collateral damage, one bad review can cause could be unable to manage in the long run. On the other hand, a positive review can be beneficial more than expected.

· Social Media

Apart from customer reviews online from online sources about the brand, we have various social media platforms that are always buzzing with news, updates, stories, and posts. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even LinkedIn are considered amongst the top most followed social media platforms. Social media today connects billions of users online, with Facebook having the most accounts for users and Instagram considerably the most viral of them all. Just imagine the havoc bad PR can cause if it is let loose on social media. One user will share the story to another, and pretty soon, it will spread like wildfire, untamed, and out of control.

· Workforce Turnover

Last but certainly not least, your brands also thrive on the performance of your workforce. Without loyal comrades workings together to achieve a unified goal, your brands will hardly live up to its potential or achieve set out milestones both in short and the long run. However, bad word of mouth can even dampen the loyalties of your most dependable workers, and in a worst-case scenario, may cause them to resign from your workplace.


There are various ways through which bad public relations can damage your brand. Many reviews nowadays are online, which causes even more problems for companies to curb such details. Once the analysis is online, there is no other way but to apologize and make amends with your customer. Both words of mouth and goodwill for your company are significant if you want your businesses to grow and sustain their profitability in the long run. However, it should be a no-brainer to know that once your reputation is damaged, building it up again can acquire strenuous amounts of effort.

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