Polo shirts are a great choice for outdoor workers as they are both stylish and comfortable. However, to avoid accidents, it is necessary for polo shirts to have high visibility in certain occupations. Hi Visibility polo shirts are manufactured with highly reflective fabrics which are very bright and ensure clear visibility of the workers even in low light conditions. Additional features like reflective tapes and left chest pockets are also important to make the usability of hi Vis polo shirts better. Usually, moisture-wicking material, mainly polyester is used to manufacture these shirts and this must meet or exceed the safety requirements of ANSI Class 2. Whether you are working at a construction site or in the warehouse, these polo shirts would ensure your safety while working.

Hi Vis Polo Shirts

6 Basic Features That A Hi-Vis Polo Shirt Must Have

  • This type of outfit has short sleeves
  • These shirts have two to three buttons
  • The hi-vis polo shirts are made of a cotton blend or polyester materials
  • These are casual tops that are used in tennis, golf, as school uniforms, or for outdoor workers
  • These shirts have become a part of the fashion industry for over a century now
  • These shirts can also be used as classic menswear

4 Tips To Follow To Choose The Perfect Hi Vis Polo Shirt That Would Best Suit Your Need

It is quite easy to buy a hi Vis polo shirt but it can be really tricky to choose the perfect one that best meets your purpose. Here are 4 features to consider before you collect your piece of hi Vis polo shirt from a store or from online.

Best High Visibility Polo Shirts

Color To Consider – Solid colors are mostly preferred by men wearing hi Vis fluorescent shirts. There are different patterns available in the market which never goes out of fashion. If you want to play sports like golf or tennis wearing these shirts then choosing a solid color would be a plus point for you. Never go for Hi-Vis polo shirts that have a big brand logo on them as it would ruin the entire appearance of the shirt. Go for polo shirts that have a small logo which would help you to develop your own style statement as well.

Choosing The Right Size – If the size of the hi Vis polo shirt doesn’t fit you; it will hamper the total appearance and fitment. Make sure that the fitment of the shirt that you choose is not too tight or loose. The fit of the polo shirt must be relaxed and comfortable enough that would allow you to move freely. It is also suggested that you first determine the right size and then go for shopping.

  • Buttons – Buttons are important in adding a special style statement to your hi Vis polo shirts. Check for the button alignment when you buy your piece. The right alignment of the buttons would bring a polished and crisp appearance. Therefore, if you care about fashion, then you should go for hi Vis polo shirts that have rightly aligned buttons.
  • Style – These shirts are versatile and you can wear them with any other attire. Stick to a summery look if you want a stylish look out of your hi Vis polo shirt. For a casual and smart look, you can go for chinos or shorts. Pair these shirts with joggers to get a totally casual look. Throw on a blazer on top of the shirt to get a semi-formal look.

In short, hi Vis polo shirts are must-haves for any man and if you still do not possess one, invest in it immediately.

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