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What makes a person look good? This was a debate that took place between a group of my friends the other night. The one thing that I should take this article any further is that my group of friends are really diverse not only in terms of age (ranging from 19 to 54), have a mix of people from all walks of life, have a heavier leaning towards males (about 65% of them are men) and belong to many different areas.

When we have a discussion on something, the outcome is always insightful, interesting, and very informative. As the men pitched in their views on what makes a girl or woman good, naturally, the interests of the women perked up, and they wanted to know what the men had to say. After all, when a girl dresses up, she does it to feel good about herself but also to be admired by the opposite sex. I must say that the discussion was great fun, and we got some interesting inputs into the minds of how men think:

Healthy Fashion: girl in jeans

Thin is in, but gaunt is not: While all men admitted that they like to look at a lass who is in good shape, they also felt that she needed to have some curves. This meant they would rather that she be a little plump than gauntly thin. They felt that this helps in different ways to wear your jeans for a hot look. The one thing that all men agreed on is that they loved it when they came across a girl who wore jeans and simply looked as if she enjoyed wearing them.

Healthy Glow Makeup

Healthy glow really appealing: All men felt that a woman who radiated good health instantly came across as attractive. They all felt that women who constantly talked about how they starved themselves and picked at their food were not that great to date. At this point, some women also pitched in and confirmed that having good health did help them feel good, and even fashion-wise, it helped as things like damn cool nail designs to try worked better when you had healthy nails that came only when you were healthy on the whole.

How to get shiny hair naturally

Hair is the crowning glory: All men had different points of view when it came to the way they viewed hair and women. However, most men agreed that hair that is shiny, glowing, and touchable was the kind that appealed. And the women also pitched in and agreed that when hair is healthy, they could do all sorts of twisted bun hairstyles, and all this would not be possible when the health of the hair was not good.

As the discussion progressed and men became more forthcoming in their points of view, the women there soon drew some conclusions:

Healthy Is Fashionable: happy woman

Health is fashionable: Without good health on your side, being fashionable would not help them at all. After all, the glow that comes with good health cannot be replaced by any cosmetic.

Most people are attracted to happiness and confidence: While being well dressed and well-groomed is necessary, one should also try and be happy. Happiness and a bit of confidence will help you feel and look more attractive.

Follow fashion rules but do not let fashion rule you: Sure, fashion has rules and they make a lot of sense too but they are not written on stone. It does make sense to bend the rules of fashion a bit to make sure you are comfortable with it or in a bid to suit you.

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