A Selection of Halloween Costume Ideas
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From a humorous nod to the year so far to petrifying characters from a horror classic, there are many avenues you can explore when dressing up for Halloween. While a hairstyle is important, the costume needs to be the main focus during this spooky occasion. It doesn’t need to be too complicated, either.

People tend to cast the net far and wide when assessing what they can dress up as for a big Halloween party. From outfits based on popular TV shows to creations based on Halloween-themed slots, there’s no shortage of Halloween costume inspiration to sink your teeth into. People also recreate viral red carpet outfits, dress up as famous athletes, and even recreate some classic memes from the online world. Essentially, there are no rules, although you might want to leave any potentially offensive individuals off the list.

With Halloween fast approaching and millions of people around the world no doubt wondering what to pull off this year, let’s take a look at a selection of costume ideas for 2023.

Max from Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the biggest television shows in recent times, with Max from the supernatural-themed phenomenon being a particular favorite for many. While singing Kate Bush’s ‘Running up that Hill’ will add another layer of authenticity to your costume, an 80s retro sports jacket with a pair of headphones is the way to go with this one. Stranger Things costumes are prominent at this time of the year, and they’re generally easy, too.


One of the biggest smartphone games over recent years, Wordle is adored by groups of friends and family members in particular. In order to bring it to life this Halloween, simply get crafty with some cardboard and colored paper, and you should nail the look and feel of the game. You might even be able to have to fun with it along the way too, perhaps by challenging people to guess a mystery word of your choosing.

Lizzo’s Coachella look

Lizzo’s Coachella look
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Lizzo has been dominating fashion columns for a while now, with the plus-sized star from the music sphere promoting body positivity and wearing whatever she wants. Her strong beliefs were on show once again when she managed to pull off a bright pink shirt, some metallic trousers, and a flamboyant feathered coat at Coachella. Fancy it?


A popular costume idea, donning a Catwoman look isn’t hard to pull off. The fictional character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics can be recreated with an understated vest top look and some sharp winged eyeliner. On the flip side, though, if you can hunt down a version of her famous signature leather catsuit then you’ll be doing even better.

Barbie and Ken

A classic inclusion, dressing up as Barbie and Ken has been a go-to option with couples for years. Also capable of being pulled off with a friend, all you need is a burst of blonde and pink and you’re good to go. If you can locate a pair of roller skates then you’re doing it even more right.


Elvis is a much-loved legend of music regardless, but he’s been mentioned a great deal in 2023 thanks to the biographical musical drama that was released in June. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, it received solid reviews on the whole. In order to recreate the Elvis look, a bedazzled suit and a serious amount of hair gel should suffice.

Other Halloween costume ideas include Joe Biden, Kurt Zouma, Kravis, Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Boys, Elizabeth Holmes, and Wednesday Addams.

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