If I’m being honest, I’ve been pretty lazy about Halloween over the past couple of years. I’ve been coming up with my costumes pretty last minute, and when I do, I tend to choose things that I don’t have to put a ton of effort into. Two years ago, I was Queen of Hearts (all I really did was wear a black shirt and red peplum skirt that I already had, drew a red heart on my face, and ran to the dollar store to pick up a tiara and a scepter), and last year, I was a Seal of Approval, which was honestly the best costume I’ve ever done, and I’ll probably wear it every year until I die. But this year, I’ve made my decision early: while I’ll definitely be wearing my Seal of Approval costume to work again (it’s hilarious, guys), I’ve decided that I’m going to go as a pop art comic book character, using this glorious tutorial as my direct inspiration. The problem? I’ve got the makeup down, but I have no idea what to wear.

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The great thing about this makeup is that, since pretty much the entire costume is on your face, you can kind of style it however you want. And, since it’s Halloween, I want to do something a little bit more fun than my standard t-shirt-and-jeans combo (though, to be honest, I don’t know that I’ll stray too far—I have a tendency to go for comfort over style, especially when I know I’ll be at a party or on my feet for a while). Since my wardrobe is still kind of under construction after my huge closet purge a few months back, I thought it would be easier to give you a basic idea of what I had in mind for my Halloween outfits using Polyvore boards rather than actual photos, though everything I’ve selected is inspired by a piece I already own (sans the shoes in the last board, but I couldn’t help myself).

Keep reading to look through my outfit ideas!

Outfit #1:

Pop Art Halloween Outfit

This was the first thing I thought of when trying to decide on a Halloween costume. I actually do have pretty much everything on this board except for the crop top (which is easy enough to pick up), but the jersey skirt is an old pocket skirt from American Apparel, and the Unisa over-the-knee boots are black, not navy. I love wearing all-black-everything, so this look definitely doesn’t push me out of my comfort zone or anything, but it still feels like of festive, right? Plus, I love dressing a little bit sexy for Halloween, and for me, crop tops are sexy.

Outfit #2:

Halloween Crowdsourcing Outfit

Again, I know this isn’t ridiculously over-the-top. You’ll find that none of the outfits are because I’m of the opinion that, when in doubt, go simple. I have a pair of Gap high-waist, light-wash jeans, those exact H&M booties, and I got my hands on that fringe top from Lauren Conrad’s runway collection. All I would need is to hunt down a fun cuff. I’m a little bit concerned that the high neckline on this top will disturb and/or take away from the body paint detail that’s supposed to be on the neck and shoulders, but maybe I could just modify the makeup? I don’t know. Help me.

Outfit #3:

halloween crowdsourcing 3
What Outfit Should I Wear With My Pop Art Halloween Makeup?

It’s Halloween, which means I can wear shapewear as my regular clothing, right? This mini skirt shaper by Jewel Toned is just as beautiful in real life as it looks in the photo, and while I don’t have that exact top (crop tops really aren’t my scene, guys), I could always knot one of my oversized white tees. Oh, and I’d totally pick up a pair of those shoes (don’t worry, they’re not real Valentino Rockstuds. Do you think I’m made of money?) if you guys wanted me to. You know, to make you happy.

So yeah, I’m torn. Please help me. I’ll love you forever.

Have any outfit ideas of yourself? Have you seen anyone give this costume idea a try? Let me know in the comments!

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