A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Custom Made T-Shirt

One of the most popular outlets for innovative designers is to design custom-made t-shirts. A vast majority of illustrators partaking in graphic designing sell their products through virtual platforms and enjoy the process of earning revenue. However, a fresher may find the technique exhausting in the absence of adequate knowledge about the job.

Here are a few guidelines for creatives to design a personalized t-shirt successfully:

To understand the practicalities of t-shirt printing, entrepreneurs must consider various aspects such as the concept, target audience, and the right combination of colors and design. Take a look at the following tips before establishing a design.

Don’t rush the process

Before determining a design for your t-shirt printing, you must take some time to explore various concepts. It is essential to brainstorm your ideas by exploring new ideas. Draw a rough sketch of the artwork that comes to your mind and pause to create new variations.

Use your imagination

There is a significant disparity between your artwork on screen and after printing it out on a t-shirt. Therefore it is essential to mock up a few designs on the picture of a t-shirt to imagine the outcome. You can also place the printed design on a t-shirt to get an idea of how the actual product will look alike. A designer must view the artwork before printing a custom t-shirt.

Stay simple and classy

While most individuals pay attention to details, it turns into wrath if your design does not come as expected. Adding too many details to a personalized t-shirt can make the artwork complicated and ugly. Therefore, it is essential to produce a classic print, passing on the message through simple art forms. However, you cannot help but glue on a well-established masterpiece to study the customized t-shirt for hours.

Use humor sparingly

A vast majority of individuals opt for humorous slogans on a t-shirt. Such custom printed t-shirts should not appear to be low-cost and cheap apparel. Therefore, successful t-shirt designers subtly use humor even for the most trending designs. Moreover, clever t-shirt designs run out of trend in a short span. An effectively printed humorous apparel can turn many heads towards your work.

Play with colors

Think about the most well-known companies, Google, Apple, Instagram, these all are recognizable by their colors and logo. Some of these highly successful brands only use one color! So it is important to understand the weight of quality vs. quantity when it comes to choosing your color palette to represent your brand.

A successful t-shirt designer makes use of the complementary color palette. However, it is mandatory to choose the appropriate combination to prevent your design from looking cheap. You can opt for global colors to play safe and consider halftones when opting for restricted colors.

Using a siser vinyl can help you experiment with great color options. You need to make sure that the quality of the heat transfer on the clothing material is able to do justice to the colors you are looking to recreate. This is why it is always a good idea to work with the best vinyl printers that not only offers a richness in terms of the color but lasts for a very long time. Quality matters, if you want your t-shirt business to grow in volume and sales. 

Find a good printer

Irrespective of whether your artwork is well-established, your printer can make or break your t-shirt printing business. A vast majority of designers cannot get the maximum output for their competency due to a failed printer. Therefore, you should purchase a printer from a reputable company, such as the AA Prestige A3 printer, and ink and supplies from AA Print Supply Co. It is also essential to consider the type of apparel you want to print on. Alternatively, you could use a boutique studio like Flood Screen Printing. Independent studios are great because you have direct access to the owners and the quality is usually more consistent.

Identify your target market

Another consideration includes the customers for whom you are printing the T-Shirts. Customize t-shirt printing to grab the eye of young and old alike. Therefore it is essential to consider the target market you want to attract with your t-shirt printing designs. After acquiring adequate knowledge, you can use the right color combinations and words to suit the needs of various customers.

Determine your budget

Many companies dealing in custom t-shirts work without determining their budget. Such a strategy leaves the designers with a vague idea about the impact of the design. Therefore it is essential to mention the quantity and budget before designing a custom t-shirt, thereby deciding the method of printing to acquire maximum revenue. The volume of production also determines the printing method as some strategies are economical for wholesale t shirt printing, while others prefer high-quality products rather than quantity.

Acknowledge the options available

To identify the ideal printing method for your business, you must consider the cost of production, the look of the final product, materials used, and so on. Therefore it is essential to have adequate knowledge about different t-shirt printing methods.

  • The gold standard screen printing method-screen printing is a reliable and age-old type of T-Shirt printing. It was initially through silkscreens and gradually used modern machinery to print affordable, high-quality designs.
  • Vinyl heat transfer printing- under this method, the technique uses vinyl along with the ink. Such printing methods are long-lasting and better than screen printing. It is ideal for designers who are willing to stand out with their work.
  • Print in-demand technique- such a strategy prints the design directly on the government with the help of inkJet printers. Direct to garment printing is ideal for highly customizable t-shirts with comprehensive details and loud colors. Such a printing strategy brings out quality printing samples. However, it is not suitable for bulk orders due to high- costs.

Custom T-shirt printing is becoming increasingly popular and accessible by people with varying requirements. You can take advantage of the chance to design a custom t-shirt with the help of the above guidelines.

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