Graphic Tees And Sweatshirts That Make A Statement

Often spotted on street style stars like Cara Delevingne, a bold, graphic tee or sweatshirt is a great way to make a totally casual but extremely photogenic statement. Even the Queen herself, Beyoncé, sported the now-infamous “Kale” sweatshirt for her homemade “7/11″ music video. No matter your personal style, there’s a tee or sweatshirt with a saying just for you—francophiles will find plenty of options emblazoned with “je t’aime” and the like, and while even pizza-lovers can get in on the action (seriously.)

The Best New Graphic T-Shirts For Fall

The Best New Graphic T-Shirts For Fall

Just a short printed phrase can sum up your personality better than any handbag or pair of shoes.

Although the idea of graphic T-shirts is nothing new, they’re still a longtime wardrobe staple. After all, just a short printed phrase can sum up your personality better than any handbag or pair of shoes. Whether you prefer a play on words or designer names (“just Wang it”) or an easy way to get out of an unwanted conversation (“no thank you”), there’s a graphic T-shirt out there that sums you up in five words or less.

Graphic Tees And Sweatshirts For The One Percent

Graphic Tees And Sweatshirts For The One Percent

Everything about them screams thrift store find—except their price tags.

Yesterday’s Balenciaga show was teaming with kitschy sweatshirts that looked as if someone’s nerdy Star Wars shirt mated with a fancy silk sweater. They’re weird and awesome, and in a few months, when they hit stores, they’ll be super-expensive, too.

In the meantime, if you’re itching to get the same campy look, we’d suggest sifting through a $3 thrift store bucket or raiding a seventh grader’s wardrobe.

Or—if you’re part of the 1 percent—skip that time-consuming legwork and opt for one of these designer tops instead. From concert tees to cartoon sweatshirts, they’ll instantly snag you the look of someone with a $5 weekly allowance…for just a few hundred dollars a pop.

Lulu Guinness X Uniqlo Has Girly, Graphic Tees For Under $20 Each

Graphic Tees For Under $20 Each

These are just plain adorable.

Get ready for yet another high-low collab: Lulu Guinness, the British designer, best known for her quirky, witty clutches in the shape of lips, rose baskets, and fans, is teaming up with Uniqlo on a collection of 12 uber-affordable tees.

Set to hit Uniqlo’s NYC locations on April 23, the shirts are printed with some of Lulu’s favorite motifs, from cute kittens to cameos too—of course—lipstick kisses. And at just $19.90 a pop, you can afford to snatch up multiples—a good thing, too, considering it’d be hard to pick just one.

It gets sweeter, too: to celebrate the new collaboration, Uniqlo’s running a Twitter and Facebook contest. Just tweet the location of your first kiss along with the hashtag #UTLovesLULU, and the three applicants with the funniest or most unusual tale will win one of these graphic tees. One lucky winner, meanwhile, will receive Lulu’s signature red Perspex Lips Clutch—the designer’s hallmark item and certainly one worth puckering up for.

Check out the shirts in the slideshow below. Which is your favorite?

Why Graphic Tees And Wide-Leg Trousers Are A Match Made In Heaven

Graphic Tees And Wide-Leg Trousers

It might sound strange at first, but this combo totally works.

Printed wide-leg trousers are not pants for the faint of heart. You can’t just wear them with any old top like you might with jeans, or cuff up the hem of a pair that’s too long. Pulling the look off takes a lot more effective than that.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a simple styling trick to make the whole process easier: it helps to add contrast. That means instead of going with something equally formal up top—like a starchy button-down shirt or matching suit jacket—you should balance the look with a more casual piece. The slouchy graphic T-shirt pictured above works well with most options, although we especially love it with Phillip Lim’s billowy bottoms. Isn’t the marbleized pattern just awesome?

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