Whether you’re the I Do Crew, the Matrimony Homies, the Ceremony Squad or the Friends for Wife, we get that you want to party with your gorgeous girl one last glorious time in this form — and we get why you want it to be as glitzy and glamorous as her! Even if she’s not necessarily ”girly,” a Glitz and Glam component to the party is essential as it’s all about enhancing the natural beauty that already exists and embracing finer and more fabulous things — which is what this night, and her night, are all about, too!

With summer fast approaching, there are tons of exciting party ideas that embrace the season’s simplicity and will allow the girls to get to know each other or reconnect before the wedding, so consider getting everyone together for:

Bachelorette Party Ideas for Summer
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Last Fling Before the Ring Dance Party

A bachelorette dance party night is a fun and exciting way to celebrate a bride-to-be’s upcoming wedding. It’s an opportunity for the bride and her closest girlfriends to let loose, have fun, and dance the night away. While giant neon signs with the bride-to-be’s name or favorite saying can be the main decoration of the space, bespoke inflatables such as palm trees, disco balls, or a giant champagne bottle can add an extra flair to the party. When it comes to attire, encourage your guests to wear something comfortable that they can dance in. Matching bachelorette party t-shirts or customized dance-themed outfits can add an extra level of fun and excitement to the night.

A Bachelorette Beach Day

Sun, sand and swimming are the signifiers of summer — so why not embrace them! To make a bridal beach day as glitz and glam as you can, consider gifting those beautiful “beaches” with cute tote bags for the beach before the party begins. While that may be enough all on its own considering how practical the gift is when going to the beach and how perfectly cute you’ll all look together when you go, you can use these totes bags to bear party favor gifts as well! Luxury sunscreen, luxury skin lotion, luxury lip balm, matching bridal party bikinis, packable beach umbrellas, wedding magazines, nice notebooks and personalized pens, different drinks and indulgent snacks, custom can koozies and more could be considered!

A [Gather in the] Garden Party

Foraging for flowers with your favorite ladies and new friends can be as fun as it is fulfilling, and will save the bride a serious amount of money and stress. Along with this, finding fresh flowers — whether it be from one of your gardens, all of your gardens, going to local farmers markets and flower markets or even simply going for a drive and grabbing them roadside when you see them — will ensure that they fit with the aesthetic of the season (and normally because of this, the wedding!) Choosing to forage from each other’s gardens is always a recommended idea, as it gives you a good reason to start bonding well before the wedding as you all plan what you will be growing and get to share the progress! If flowers have been covered, berry picking is always a beneficial and fun idea as well!

After the gathering is complete, a garden party will commence! Not only will being in the gardens all day make this sort of event feel more appropriate rather than overwhelming as it may normally feel, but it will allow for the opportunity to do something glamorous right in the glow of daytime! To take your party from traditional teatime to the glamorous garden party like you probably aspire to do, consider:

  • Adding some glitz and glam to the menu by replacing the classic tea and finger sandwiches with mimosas and bubbly, a big brunch and a pretty pastry bar. If you want to step it up a notch, consider creating a signature drink to celebrate your squad in extra style!
  • Adding some glitz and glam to the dress code by replacing the classic and elegant garb and grooming for casual cocktail attire and comfortable hair.
  • Adding some glitz and glam to the venue by stringing twinkly lights all around, using sparkly tablecloths or accenting tables with special accessories (for instance, shiny napkins, rose gold utensils or crystal flutes and glasses).
Glitz & Glam Bachelorette Party
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Everybody’s Favorite Summer Festival

Summer is rife with festivals — from music festivals to general fun-for-summer festivals — so if you and your crew are into the summertime festival scene, then explore what sorts of parties have already been planned for you! As we adult more and approach marriage, it seems to become more of a challenge to find the time to indulge in these sorts of activities, so taking the time off for this should make it feel extra special, exciting, glitzy and glamorous — especially when you’re with your girls!

Poolside Night Cocktail Party

For the ultimate summer bachelorette party, host a poolside night cocktail party. Gather your bridesmaids in your best summer dresses and host a night of mojitos, margaritas and sangrias. Set up a bar cart with all your favorite mixers and spirits, throw in some colorful parasols. Make your event more exciting and fun with special effects. Check out cryofx.com for an amazing selection of products to liven up the atmosphere. Set up a mini dance floor and a great playlist, and you’re all set! If you’re looking to take it up a notch, hire a live band or a wedding DJ to make sure everyone has a night to remember.

A Girls’ Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway will be great no matter where you go or what you do. This is thanks to the reasons mentioned in the idea above, as well as the fact that the season tends to make any spot explorable and enjoyable! So you really don’t have to go far, but you should spend some time while you’re there going to any stylish, sophisticated, exciting or interesting places that you see! That means that as long as you have a nice (even possibly luxurious) place to stay, that activities as simple as walking the streets and shopping in little stores, exploring small cafes, indulging in services like massages or even just serene sightseeing will serve their purpose perfectly — and feel as glitz and glam as any gal could ask for! If you are a more structured squad, then don’t hesitate to select your location based on certain activities that you want to see in the itinerary (for instance, wine tours!).

Glamping in the Graces of Nature, and Nurturing Each Other

If you’re looking for a way to integrate glamour and luxury with the light and natural feeling of summer, then your solution is likely glamping! Getting away physically and mentally from everyday life will be a treat all on its own, but if it weren’t for the wedding, the great things about glamping would quickly have you all questioning going home! To truly bring the glamour into glamping, consider:

  • Adding as much glitz and glam to the campsite as possibleby stringing twinkly lights all around, incorporating pretty plants and flowers (fake or real).
  • Adding as much glitz and glam to the days’ and evenings’ activities as possibleby addressing everything from edibles (including serving and eating supplies) to enjoyables. Depending on what your itinerary is like, this could mean bringing the best marshmallows, sticks and other s’mores supplies for your bonfires, bringing everything that you need to create a cute bar cart at brunch or buying everyone fun women’s socks for celebrating the bachelorette party in style when the temperature drops in the evenings!
Best Bachelorette Party Ideas
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Don’t Forget the Force That’s Driving These Ideas in the First Place…

The most important thing to remember throughout the process of trying to plan a bachelorette party is what it’s all about. There would be no bachelorette party without a soon-to-be bride and no bride without a wedding — and it wouldn’t be possible to have any of this without the sincere and excessive stress that accompanies it!  So when it comes to planning the perfect summer salute to the soon-to-be bride, don’t forget to consider the great ideas and gifts that can be used to help the bride as much as celebrate her — from DIY decoration making and drinks to arts and crafts gifts that get the crew feeling creative!


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