A Fashionista’s Guide To Creating A Signature Look

Fashion is more than just about clothes to wear. It’s about self-expression. The way you dress says a lot about yourself. For instance, people who like to wear casual T-shirts for hang-outs or errands are approachable. They live their lives to the fullest, not caring about what others think of them. On the other hand, people who like to wear black and gray are classy and neat. 

A true fashionista has a signature look. They follow trends every now and then, but they also add their touches to their own style. They understand that having a signature look shows their self-knowledge: They know who they are, what they like, and what suits them. 

With a signature look, you can stand out from the crowd. If you want to have a style that’s unique to you, you can shop for accessories and clothes from brands like Sacha Drake. Go for pieces that appeal to you. For instance, if you have a penchant for flowers, you can buy floral dresses. 

Developing a signature look is about finding a style that empowers you. Read on to learn about creating your own signature look.

  1. Know Your Personality 

As mentioned earlier, your style mirrors your personality. Knowing your personality will make it easier for you to pick pieces that you find comfortable and appealing. 

For example, do you prefer dressing in dark clothes, with a goth style? Then gothic pieces will be a great fit for you. Some gothic elements you can add to your wardrobe are corsets, dark shirts and shorts, and chunky boots. 

There’s even a certain look you can try: pastel goth style. Goth style is usually associated with dark tones, but you can go for lighter tones like dreamy purple or dusty pink. Pair a black graphic top with a pink pleated skirt and complete the look with long-heeled boots and gothic makeup—black eyeliner and red or black lipstick. 

If you’re more of a laid-back person, you’ll love the boho style, which usually includes flared jeans, maxi dresses, funky prints, and earth tones. For an elegant look, you can wear tops, pants, or designer dresses Australia in neutral colors like beige, white, and black. Simple matching jewelry in gold, rose gold, or silver will make your outfit even more sophisticated. 

  1. Figure Out Your Body Type 

You don’t have to be a size zero to look chic. You’re perfect the way you are. Your body is like a canvas for developing your own style. If you want to lose or gain weight, do it for health reasons. Don’t do it just to look like someone else or copy someone else’s style.

Tips for Creating a Signature Look

Dress according to what looks great on your body. So, you’ll need to know your body type. First, take measurements of your hips, waist, bust, and shoulders. These measurements will help you determine what body type you have. For example, if your bust or shoulder is slightly bigger than your hip, then you’re an inverted triangle. Flared jeans, fitted jackets, and tops with a defined waist will look great on you. 

You’re an hourglass if your waist is smaller than your bust or shoulder and both your shoulders and hips share the same measurement. Wrap dresses and tops are ideal for this body type since they emphasize your figure.

  1. Accessorize 

Accessories and fine jewelry are lovely pieces that can spice up your outfits. For instance, if you gravitate towards an elegant style, choose simple but classic metals, such as rose gold. Once you pick a metal, you can buy jewelry in the same metal, such as rose gold earrings, necklaces, and rings. You can mix and match them together for a minimalist look.  

  1. Draw Inspiration From Your Fashion Icon

Fashionistas have icons they look up to. If there’s someone you admire, you can draw inspiration from them. For example, if you’ve always been a fan of Kate Middleton, you can wear cream-colored pieces, such as coat dresses, wrap dresses, button-down shirts, trousers, and skirts. 

  1. Purge Your Closet 

Lastly, purge your closet. Make an inventory of all your clothes. Let go of the ones you haven’t worn in a long time or don’t plan to wear again. Donate, sell, or give them to family members or friends. Getting rid of pieces you no longer fancy will help you have a clean slate to build a new look. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a signature look isn’t that straightforward for others. But you’ll be able to find your own if you know yourself well. The key to having a signature style is wearing a look that not only speaks to you but also makes you feel confident and amazing.

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