Fashion Trends That Have Stood the Test of Time

You always want to look and feel stylish the second you step out the door. Numerous fashion trends have stood the test of time that make you look chic, however old they might be.

Little Black Dress Just Walked Into the Room

There isn’t an occasion that a little black dress cannot handle. You can wear this versatile garment for multiple gatherings throughout the seasons. A little black dress may be elegant when accessorized correctly, making it ideal for a first date or special event. It also works well in professional situations at the office or for an interview.  

Yup, in my White T

The converse of a little black dress is a plain white T-shirt, but they both share similar advantages. Like a black dress, a plain white T-shirt is quite versatile. It goes with virtually anything else you wear and works just as well as a primary shirt as it does an undershirt. You can choose various shirt styles like a V-neck to switch up your styles, but some variation is in your drawer somewhere.

Every Zipper That You Own Is on the Left

This trend is not necessarily about the use of zippers on articles of clothing. It is more so the placement of zippers. You can look in your closet now, and it may surprise you how many of your zippers are on the right for women and the left for men. This trend continues today, although its reasoning feels archaic, assuming that men aren’t dueling in the streets anytime soon.

Red Lip Classic

That red lip classic thing we like continues to be a fashion trend that isn’t going anywhere. A bold red color on a pair of lips will soar one’s sex appeal to fly off the charts. Various colors and styles go for lip colors, yet red continues to thrive.

Ever Since I Could Remember, I’ve Been Popping My Collar

Collared shirts come in all sorts of shapes and patterns, so there’s surely something you would enjoy donning.  Collared shirts are wonderful for layering or wearing on their own. A more traditional shape might offer an androgynous appearance, yet a slim fit can seem entirely feminine. The sheer variety of collared shirts makes this essential item suitable for every season.

Many fads go as quickly as they come. Yet, these fashion trends have stood the test of time and don’t show any signs of fading away. While individuality is vital for many people, it’s sometimes nice to follow the basic formula of these staples.

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