5 Fashion Tips for Lesbian Women to Look Stylish

Historically, lesbians were not considered “women with style,” but the perspective is quickly shifting these days. Now, many stylists and designers focus more on rewriting the feminine aesthetic and not bowing down to sexualized male governance. While the contemporary lesbian may have been perceived as “congenitally” unfashionable, you really do not have to live by those rules anymore.

Here are some useful fashion tips for lesbians to look stylish.

Add Masculinity

Considering your lesbian “tribe” is a great way to identify the best outfit ideas to make a perfect style statement. Online dating sites always work great to educate you more and help you decide in this regard. Chat rooms on these sites not just help you with a local lesbian hookup but guide you about how to explore your sexuality. For instance, unlike femme lesbians, butch lesbians are more into looking more “masculine” with their outfit choices.

So many fashion houses now offer a great line to celebrate masculinity for butch lesbians. Interestingly, butchness is a mix of gender and sexuality, yet it is so complicated to define everything squarely. For the most part, butch lesbian fashion is for women who like to exist in the realm of masculinity but have nothing to do with cis men. Therefore, they always love the idea of wearing a pantsuit or going with a complete denim look.

Do not be surprised by noticing the latest trend with butch lesbians showing an inclination towards utility wear, bomber jackets, wide-cut trousers, nautical-inspired pieces, and even Bermuda shorts. They also love to pair it up with neon-chunky sneakers. Doc Martens or combat boots also have their solid lesbian fan base. Those 80s inspired looks revolving around floral prints and pastel tones are still in, but new stuff is already here.

Emphasize Femininity

Just like butch lesbians, you will find so many femme women on dating sites. While you do not need to pressurize yourself into picking a category, it always helps when looking for a new dating partner and deciding on which look works best for attracting new girls. For femme-presenting women, it is always a great idea to wear clothes that can do justice to their curves.

You should wear whatever you believe emphasizes your femininity. Palazzo trousers with heels always present a safer option. But, you can find the latest trends revolving around white 60’s inspired gogo boots, fringed bags, and folksy tapestry coats. Some lesbian women also love the idea of wearing monochromatic outfits with a spot of blue or bright yellow in it.

An issue many femme lesbians face is that they are usually so feminine that they often feel invisible in the LGBTQ community. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see femme lesbians add certain elements to their outfits and style to highlight their queerness. Many accessories can help them achieve that, including jewelry and more from the women’s fashion category. Just keep in mind that what you wear should fit you perfectly. It could be baggy but should fit perfectly in the right places.

Wear Color Blocking

Irrespective of your type and tribe, you can always play around with colors to look stylish. Again, online dating sites can help you find what other women are wearing and how they manage to signal more about their queerness to increase the chances of finding a dating partner. That being said, trying “color blocking” is a great way to scream the word “Queer” without saying a word.

Color blocking is all about mixing a few contradictory colors to make an exciting style statement. You use “blocks of color” to create a bold yet eye-catching look. The idea usually works great for mature lesbians who are on dating sites searching for a younger partner. These colors look flattering when your skin tone tends to cool with age. Those vivid colors can instantly uplift your appearance. Sometimes, you can experiment with color combinations and have darker blocks of color to conceal areas you do not want to show off. Try strong, slimming stripes, and it will help create an elongating effect.

AJLT Inspired Look

Fashion was one of the most prominent parts of Sex and the City and helped present boundary-pushing narratives related to female sexuality in the 90s. Expect the same in the spin-off “And Just Like That” – AJLT. You can always copy the same looks carried out by Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kristin Davis, or play around a little. You can opt for a tangerine Valentino couture gown donned by Sarah Jessica Parker or follow Nixon, who wore an extremely beautiful patterned midi skirt with satin top and brown overcoat.

Accessories Matter

No matter what outfit you pick, be sure to accessorize it correctly to become more “visible” in the queer community. Those wild, quirky lesbian earrings made popular by TikTok stars are just amazing. Be sure to wear what goes well with your outfit and style. Know how much cologne to wear, especially if you are going to meet your online dating partner for the first time. Select your wallets and purses carefully – a purse is a better option on your first date when you may not be carrying anything but a credit card.


For lesbian women who are out and proud, looking stylish is often not the priority. It can be tricky considering they are not dressing up to kill the opposite sex, but they want to look attractive to other women. Sometimes, it is so confusing that most lesbian women seldom pay as much attention to looking stylish as they should be. You can change it all using dating sites, where you can meet your new dating partner and explore your sexuality to identify how to make the perfect style statement.  

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