Fashion Tips For Everyone To Use in Real Life

Do you read fashion magazines? Maybe you are one of those people who follow fashion bloggers on Instagram for inspiration? So you probably already know a huge number of tips on how to dress fashionably, be in trend, and always look relevant. But despite this, many of us still do not have the skill to choose clothes that emphasize our own, unique style and clearly show our individuality. If you want to create a better you, with a higher style, keep the following fashion tips in mind.

Edit your closet

The first thing stylists recommend doing is sift through your existing wardrobe. Make your wardrobe nice and organized. There’s a great rule of thumb to follow: For every piece, you want to add to your wardrobe, get rid of what you already have and what you don’t wear. Of course, don’t just throw it away – sell or consider donating those items you haven’t worn in the past year. By sorting through the available items, you can evaluate your basic wardrobe and understand how diverse it is, maybe you should add some essentials. What are these “basic things”? These include jeans, a trouser suit, a blouse, plain sweaters and T-shirts, classic shirts, raglans. With these basic things, you can create fresh new looks.

Make friends with a good tailor

A fitted suit is one of the hallmarks of an expensive stylish look. If a jacket or trousers are small, too tight, or creases where they shouldn’t, it can make even the most expensive outfit cheap. Remember, clothing is created to stock sizes, so they’re never bound to fit perfectly. But there is one trick to making any item of clothing look perfect: find a good tailor. Tailored clothing not only looks polished, but it also feels more comfortable.

Set the accents

Looking stylish is almost an art. Sometimes you don’t need to have a lot of clothes in your closet to look like a style icon. Just try to add one or two accents to your look. But don’t overdo it – one bright element, whether it is a noticeable belt, a bright handbag, or a neckerchief, looks more elegant than too many eye-catching accents in the image. Sunglasses are a great style-forming accessory that emphasizes a unique style and adds sophistication and charm to any outfit. Barton Perreira sunglasses are created in a wide range of impressive styles and unique color combinations for both women and men looking for quality stylish accessories. Such glasses never go out of fashion and are always relevant.

Return to the classic

The classic is beyond the competition. This sophisticated and discreet style will always win, even when compared with the latest fashion trends. Classical clothes are filled with elegance and proportionality, they give the image harmony and grace. Classic style fills with peace and a sense of proportion in everything – in shapes, volumes, shades. The classic never catches the eye, because it carries reliability and quality, without bright decorative elements. The one who chooses classics gives the impression of a confident, disciplined, and successful person who strives for excellence.

Wear age-appropriate clothing

When choosing an outfit, it is important to pay attention not only to how it fits in color, style, or situation but also to how it suits your age. One of the main criteria of style is the appropriateness of the chosen outfit. The golden mean will be an image assembled from things of a classic cut, diluted with a few playful informal elements. In such an ensemble, you will always look stylish, feel comfortable, and be confident.

All of the above hints seem not so new, but undoubtedly adhering to these simple rules, you will always look stylish and tasteful.

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