8 Fantastic Fashion Podcasts For Fashionistas

Believe it or not, there are more podcasts now than ever before! In fact, the fashion industry has already gotten into the craze as well.

From spotlighting fashion designers to talking about current topics, fashion podcasts will prove to you that they’re more than simply talking about fashion. So, if you’re a fashionista and want to get with the times, check out these 8 fantastic fashion podcasts!

1. Chanel Connects

“One of the biggest fashion companies in the industry Chanel has their own podcast,” says Carol Winston, a fashion blogger at Assignment Help and Ukservicesreviews. “Much like their extravagant runways and spotlights in magazines, Chanel Connects is a podcast that’s real with its fashion journalism and fandom.”

Their recent episode interviews fashion greats like:

  • Bruno Pavlosky, Chanel’s president of fashion
  • Caroline de Maigret
  • Dimitri Chamblas
  • Pharrell Williams, AND
  • Tyler Brûlé, chairman and editorial director of Monocle

2. Fashion No Filter

On Fashion No Filter, fashion journalists and influencers Camille Charriere and Monica de La Villardière come together to bring a show that’s dead serious about fashion. From the daily operations of the fashion industry to the “forbidden” topics that many fashionistas are afraid to talk about, Charriere and de La Villardière cross boundaries with their wit and curiosity.

Popular topics include:

  • Race and fashion
  • The role of PR in fashion, AND
  • The role of mainstream fashion media

3. The Cutting Room Floor

The Cutting Room Floor, like Fashion No Filter, gives serious talks about the state of the fashion industry. Hosted by American designer Recho Omondi, this podcast tackles various issues concerning the fashion industry, from criticism to lack of diversity. The interviews will amaze you with real talk and solid advice from some of the best emerging leaders in the industry.

Recent episodes cover the following subjects:

  • Elevating Culture
  • StyleZeitgeist, AND
  • Fashionista.com

4. Gucci Podcast

Nowadays, there’s talk about the history behind the fashion dynasty known as Gucci. But how many people know the secrets behind such a phenomenon?

The Gucci Podcast features a talk from the Florentine creative director, Alessandro Michele, Florence Welch, and many more.

Recent episodes cover the following topics:

  • The impact of arts, fashion, and education on community change
  • Archetypes, AND
  • Creative directors on The Hacker Project

5. The Business Of Fashion Podcast

Now, if you’re a fashionista with a growing interest in commerce, then take a listen to The Business Of Fashion. A fashion industry bible to many fashion lovers, the podcast explores culture, business ventures, and fashion criticism. Best of all? All of this wisdom comes from the likes of Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri, fashion critic Tim Blanks, and even Kim Kardashian West!

Recent episodes include:

  • The Future of Fashion Is Gender Free
  • Balenciaga: From Hype to Timelessness, AND
  • The Rise – And Rise – Of Fashion Resale

6. Dressed: The History Of Fashion

“Getting dressing is more than just a daily routine,” says Karen Charles, a writer at Best essay writing services UK and State Of Writing. “Dressed talks about how many different cultures do this universal routine. From the social aspects to the cultural histories, much can be said about getting dressed daily.”

Recent episodes cover the following:

  • Gucci: The Fashion History of a Family (2-part episode)
  • How to Read a Dress, AND
  • Fashion is Rarely Black or White

7. Fashion Victims

Want a little fashion gossip today? Then tune in to the Fashion Victims podcast!

This podcast is quirky in its subject manner – yes, Kim Kardashian being one of said subject manners. No matter the discussion, the hosts will give the real scoop and opinions on what people love or hate when it comes to fashion.

Recent episodes include:

  • Honoring late fashion designer, Virgil Abloh
  • Fashioning Cruella de Vil, AND
  • Fashion designer Halston: Icon or Villain?

8. Dior Talks

Finally, the fashion giant Dior has a podcast of their own as well. For people looking for aesthetics in fashion, Dior Talks has you covered. Friends of Dior, as well as collaborators and rising stars of fashion all, come together in this podcast to give you anything and everything happening in the fashion industry – art, identity, imagery, representation, etc.

Recent topics include:

  • Feminism inspiring the Creative Director of Women’s collections
  • Felicity Jones’s acting, gender politics, and rejection all-male environments, AND
  • Celebrating Eleonora Abbagnato, as she discusses feminism and childhood dreams of dance


So, there you have it!

We hope you find inspiration for your next fashion escapade with these 8 fashion podcasts! Happy listening!

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