Fashion Ideas for New College Students
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Resource allocation is one of your biggest concerns if you are a college student. You don’t want to look like the irresponsible person who is always saying the same old phrase, “I don’t know where my pocket money went,” by the middle of the month.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot upgrade your wardrobe. With some creativity, you can stay fashionable without breaking the bank. Here are a few fashion ideas that will help you save money. 

  1. Don’t Overspend On Trendy Items 

Fashion trends come and go. If you are chasing trends, you need to stick to a reasonable budget. Think of the amount you are willing to spend on clothes and stick to your budget. 

Before spending money on trends, ask yourself if you see yourself wearing an item for years. It isn’t worth your money if you will only use it a few times.

  1. Invest in Basic wardrobe basics

Everyone should have certain basic pieces. The basics are the foundation of a great wardrobe. Examples include:

  • High-quality blazers.
  • Tight-fitting pencil skirts.
  • Black pumps.
  • Nude sandals.
  • Classic trench coats for women.

Men’s basics include white t-shirts, turtlenecks, black official shoes, and classic tuxedos. 

The advantage of investing in the basics is that you don’t have to go high-end. You can find most of these items on sale. You can create many looks from basics, and you will be wearing them over and over again.

  1. Find Coupons Using Online Resources 

Before buying anything, do a quick Google search for two reasons: discount codes and fair prices. Adopting this rule will save you hundreds of dollars. Coupons are always available. You just need to put some effort into finding them. 

  1. Consider Your Body Shape

You need a comfortable and confident look. The only way to attain it is by picking clothes for your body shape. No matter how you look, it would help if you bought clothes that fit your body well.

Everybody is different, and specific patterns, cuts, and brands of clothing may work in your favor. Generally, thinner vertical lines make you slimmer, and thicker horizontal lines make you seem bigger. 

 Patterns can shorten body parts, and slim-fitting shirts and trousers complement your figure. Consider using jewelry to accentuate your outfit. 

Tips on Funding Your Education on a Tight Budget

College education can be pretty expensive. If you are on a tight budget, things can get complicated. However, there are a few ways to fund your education. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Take advantage of sports or merit-based scholarships
  • Use student loans
  • Use need-based bursaries and grants
  • Compete for student prizes
  • Work and study

Cutting down on expenses will improve your college experience. If you already have a way to pay for your education, you must find ways to save money on daily expenses and make more money. Here are a few ways to make money as a college student. 

Online Jobs

Consider doing part-time online jobs to make money. Most of the jobs will only take a few hours of your time. 


Consider tutoring your mates during your free time. If you are very good at a course, you will have fun making money. Your mates will appreciate the opportunity to get some training for a small token. 

Brand Ambassador

If you are friendly and pleasant, you will do well as a brand ambassador. Pick a brand that aligns with your personality and values. Brand ambassador jobs are flexible and ideal for the student life. 

Quality education is an investment that comes at a price. With the tight budget of a student’s life, fashion may not seem like a big priority. However, there are plenty of ways to stay stylish without spending too much. Simple tips include shopping for your body type, avoiding trendy items, and sticking to a budget. 

You can also explore ways to fund your education and lifestyle. Consider working online jobs as a brand ambassador or as a tutor.

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