Fashion is a very open-ended word. It has different meanings for different people. For some, it’s all about comfort, while for others, it’s about wearing every new clothing style launched in the market. No one definition of fashion fits all the people in the world.

But one combination of clothes that has remained in fashion, no matter what came and went out of fashion, is ‘The Jeans- T-shirt combination.’ Yes, the epic Jeans-T shirt combination. This combination is worn by all age groups, and still, people are comfortable wearing them. It never goes out of fashion.

T-shirts come in all sorts of designs, basic plain t-shirts or printed t-shirts, in various types of neck designs round neck, polo, V-neck, and whatnot. They are available for every kind of human that is present on the planet. In the last few years, there has been a trend of wearing family t-shirts, like Couple T-shirts with some love messages or father-daughter duo t-shirts, mother-son duo t-shirts, siblings combination t-shirts, and t-shirts for family with some special message printed on them.

People buy them for wearing on different occasions or purposes. As there are many options available online. One can also buy these couple of t-shirts online. But not all good things come in good packages. Or we can reverse the saying that not all good packages contain good things.

With the experiences of many people online, there are some expectations that people have while doing online shopping, but the reality hits hard on them. So here are some such expectations vs. reality experiences of people on various basis.

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Read on so you take their experience seriously while shopping for family t-shirts online.

Fashion: Expectation Vs. Reality

The expectation of size – The size you ordered according to you will fit you perfectly

Reality – Sizing standards differ from brand to brand.

Sizing standards differ from brand to brand

Every manufacturing brand has its sizing standards. Even if we compare the big names. You might be satisfied with a small size with one brand, but the other brand has the exact sizing with label medium. So it gets a bit confusing sometimes. But all you have to do is buy your clothing wisely. Like your known brand or try some new but with care.

The expectation of order – You will receive the same product as shown in the picture online.

Reality – Sometimes, color and looks may vary due to photographic effects

There are many-many experiences of people online that they buy something which looks fantastic and flawless. That no one can doubt you will look amazing in that dress. But when you receive that dress, it seems like some newbie tailor has tried to copy the dress in the picture and sewn something else. So, shopping from a trusted place matters a lot. Otherwise, you may not receive what you see online.

expectation vs reality examples

The expectation of looking like a model-You think you will get the exact flawless look as portrayed on the model.

Reality-Everyone has their specific body type, shape, and size. Products may look different in different sizes.

So you came across a picture online of a model family enjoying vacation while wearing an awesome family t-shirt set with an excellent message. You have a similar family, are also going on a holiday, and plan to buy the same family t-shirt from that site. But wait, does your body look the same as the model? Or do you have similar-looking kids? And of course, don’t forget the camera effects on that picture. So to cut a long story short, we expect that we will look the same as the model on whom the product is being displayed, but the reality is we will look according to our body type. Yes, we can look amazing if we wear it confidently, but remember, we can’t look the same as that model.

Products may look different in different sizes

The expectation of acceptance everywhere-The new product you just bought will be acceptable everywhere.

Reality-Sometimes clothing we buy is not accepted everywhere, which limits its usability.

Sometimes we buy clothes out of excitement. Say, for example, the family t-shirts trend or couple t-shirts trend. It looks incredible, and we believe it because it’s in fashion. And we expect we will look good in them no matter where we go while wearing those t-shirts. But have you ever thought about wearing a half message t-shirt and going out in public? Because the other half message is in your partner’s cupboard, and it looks odd sometimes. So many times, those t-shirts are not usable later, which means a complete loss of money.

clothing we buy is not accepted everywhere

The expectation of newness with comfort-You expects a new style will bring originality to your class and looks.

Reality-Although there is newness in your looks and style, the new style is not as comfortable as the old one.

We often buy the latest fashion clothes to get a fresh look. And we sometimes even go off the bridge to seek newness. But after wearing that ‘new’ look, we find that our old style was more comfortable as we are habitual of that style. So here we expect the new to give us a new look with the comfort of old but achieve the face of the unknown.

All in all, we can say everything has its pros and cons. Latest fashion keeps changing, and following it blindly can lead to a considerable loss of money, but if invested long-term, as we said in the Jeans-T shirt combo, such fashion trends never go off. Even t-shirts are a versatile clothing option combined with many other things like skirts, shorts, boy shorts, dungarees, etc. Moreover, following the latest styles in these clothing gives an edge to our styling as wearing family t-shirts or shopping for t-shirts online and styling them variously gives us comfort and style without any hassle. So, buy those couple t-shirts, family t-shirts, or combo t-shirts for your kids and click fantastic family pictures.

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