what to wear when your on your period

The fashion industry mainly puts the spotlight on women. You see it everywhere in magazines, on TV, and even on Instagram or other social media platforms. Mainstream fashion is always about glitz and glamour—clothes and pieces that should be worn when a woman feels good and is on top of her game. But dressing up for uncomfortable days? That’s where the real challenge is.

Women have to deal with a monthly menstrual cycle, and dressing up during that ‘time of the month’ can be daunting. Although having your period is normal, there’s no denying how embarrassing and frustrating it is to bleed through your clothes. 

So, instead of feeling nice about how you look, you will spend your day worrying or being super conscious about your every move. Even activities that you always excelled in before could feel like a chore. You can probably imagine how challenging it is to travel while you’re in your period.

But fashion is not just about trends or glamour—it is also about comfort. Hence, there are ways to stay comfortable and look presentable, even if you’re not feeling your best during your monthly period. Read on below to know more.

What To Wear

what to wear on your period at home

Although it seems unlikely to pull away from a pair of sweatpants and a shirt, you can still wear something comfortable other than these two options. But before you do that, here are some tips you might be interested in trying out:

  1. More Coverage

Whatever surface you sit on, there’s a chance you might be leaving bloodstains. So, unless you’re blessed with a light flow, coverage is a no-brainer. With this in mind, it’s best to use cotton period underwear. What you’ll need is clothing with a lot of fabric. That’s what makes loose clothes like sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hoodies so popular during one’s period. Additionally, you might want to wear something that can cover up your pad or tampon. This means miniskirts and short shorts are not ideal.

  1. Loose Clothes

People who haven’t experienced a menstrual cycle might be wondering why ladies prefer sweats and a shirt over everything else each time they’re on their period. But the answer is simple: comfort. Going through a menstrual cycle is often painful and uncomfortable due to period cramps and in some cases, back pain. 

Because of this pain, maximum comfort is the goal. Fortunately, there are a lot of clothes that are both loose yet stylish, such as sweaters, jumpsuits, oversized cardigans, and even dresses or long skirts. You don’t have to stick with the usual sweatpants-and-shirt combination with these options.  

  1. Stretchy Fabric

Bloating is common for women who are having their period—or even a week before having it. With specific color choices and styling options, your bloated stomach won’t be that obvious. In this case, leggings are highly recommended since they hug your body from the waist down. For utmost comfort, choose leggings that are made with breathable fabric. You’ll have fashion and comfort rolled into a single piece of clothing.

Say No To…

It’s difficult to plan out your outfit for the day when your period starts and ends at the least opportune moments. Therefore, once that time of the month starts to draw closer, make sure to steer clear of the following: 

  1. High Heels

High heels are always a staple when it comes to power dressing. However, once your cycle starts, wearing heels might only increase discomfort. It’s best to avoid wearing heels for the rest of your menstrual period. Flats would be the better option. Even sneakers are highly recommended—especially if you need to move a lot during the day.

  1. Restricting Clothes

Keeping yourself restricted is the last thing you’ll want to feel during your period. Considering some women would feel bloated before and during the menstrual cycle, wearing fitted clothes will only become a nuisance at that point. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from anything too snug on your body, such as miniskirts.

  1. Thick And Warm Clothing 

Since your body temperature might be higher than normal during a menstrual period, thick clothing should be avoided. Choose light and breathable pieces instead. Wearing light clothing will also help improve your mood.


Being on your period is not just a mood killer, but it can also ruin whatever great outfit you have planned for the day. Fortunately, the tips mentioned above can help you keep your fashion statement throughout a rather uncomfortable work week. Just remember to prioritize comfort over anything else. Besides, you can wear your favorite heels again just after a week!

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