Fashion and Beauty Trends You Need to Know About
(Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash).

Fashion is forever changing, yet many things appear to make comebacks. The same goes for hairstyles and makeup. If you’re eager to see what’s hot in the year 2023, we will take you on a little journey for inspiration.

Fashion styles anno 2023

Fashion during this year has been pleasantly colorful, with beautiful combinations and patterns. This year, both miniskirts and strapped tops have been the highlight. Underwear used as outerwear and knitted pants and skirts has been the highlight. The summer of 2023, has been extremely interesting in terms of trends and styles,

The ’90s are back

Some of the awesome styles from this decade include band t-shirts, which look worn out, flannel, Dr. Martens, loose-fit jeans, and oversized sunglasses. Many colors which were fashionable in the 90s have also appeared again, as well as sparkly dresses and sheer clothes. Yes, if this was your favorite decade, fashion is your favorite this year, for men and women. Check if jeans can jeans be tailored via the link, to get inspiration.

The 2023 Hair

The hair fashion of this particular year includes quite some interesting choices. One of the haircuts that were seen on some of the catwalks, was ‘The Shag’. This hairstyle has made its comeback from the ’70s when it was popular. The haircut in the 70s is cut in layers to the shoulder and includes a fringe. In 2023, it seems like it’s got more length as well. Heavy fringe, warm red colors, cashmere blond, and expensive brunette, are all hair colors to look out for if you want to follow the 2023 hair trends. For more awesome tips, click on this link, where you will find tutorials.

Makeup trends to know about

In 2023 there’s a lot of focus on the eyebrows and sculpting is popular in these times. You might have heard about people getting brow lamination, but it is also possible to buy gels, where you can sculpt the brows at home. Sculpting makes the brows look fuller. Sunburned pink/red blush is a trend in 22’, so you can easily find your old makeup and put it back. Another great makeup trend of the year is glitter. Who doesn’t like glittery makeup for a party?

Foundation, which is almost invisible, is also one of the makeup trends which is good for people who prefer toned-down makeup. Overlined lips are also a thing this year, which is great if you want to make yours look bigger. 

Shoes of the year

Shoe fashion has also been very colorful in 2023, as well as creative with lots of patterns. Sporty sandals with a chunky sole, have been very popular for the summer but also high heels with platforms have been spotted as trends. The ballet flats are back and the same goes for 90’s mules. Squared toe loafers and pointy toe shoes are very popular too. 2023 has been extremely great in terms of fashion and trends and there’s been a lot of expressions.

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