Fashion After 40

As the year’s tick by, nobody wants to be left behind when it comes to staying stylish. Once you start to make your way through your thirties and your forties begin approaching, a lot of people start to panic. However, staying stylish once you move past forty can be as easy or as difficult as you choose to make it. This is a moment in your life where you need to keep an open mind but also accept that things are changing a little bit; in life, in appearance, and also in your wardrobe. 

By the time most people move into their forties, they have a pretty good idea of what styles look best on them. And the great thing about style is that they can be adapted, modified, and changed to grow with you as you continue marching confidently through life. The real challenge for most people is staying true to themselves. Your inner style should remain the same. It’s up to you to embrace where you’re at in life and be able to move and shift with the fashion of the times so you have a look that allows you to feel confident and beautiful. 

Let’s take a look at some helpful styling tips that you can use to stay stylish after forty.

Stay Up To Date 

Nothing will lead to the downfall of your style more than failing to keep up to date with the latest offerings. Take some time out of your busy schedule to go window shopping, browse online, flick through fashion magazines or just browse through Instagram to stay up to date with what’s hot and what’s not. Whether it’s new fabrics, patterns, interesting garments or some new form of shapewear that is now on offer, knowing what’s going on in the world of fashion is always the best way to stay relevant. 

Be Bold And Daring 

As we become a little less young, plenty of people are guilty of using lines like “that would look great on me, if I was twenty years younger.” Why? It might look great on you now. In fact, it will probably look absolutely amazing on you! If you find yourself thinking like this from time-to-time, do your best to shake these thoughts from your mind once and for all. Instead, be bold and be daring. Take chances, be risky and wear things that other people might only wear “if they were twenty years younger.” For you, age should represent nothing more than a number. 

Lead The Way 

When new trends come into the shops, it can often take a while for them to catch on. They might be a little too “out there”, the shape might be completely different to anything ever seen before or the patterns might be extra-crazy. Whatever the case may be, if you like it, just get it! Avoid waiting for other people to take the jump and instead lead by example. Buying something after it has already become trendy is one thing. However, leading the way and buying before the masses makes you a setter of trends rather than a follower so go out there and own it.

Style Out Your Workwear 

Many people in their forties spend a lot of their time in their workwear. Whether you are at work or commuting, the fact is that a large percentage of us spend a lot of time in our professional attire. What’s more, for most people, this is not an accurate depiction of who they really are or how they want to portray themselves. To stay true to yourself, make sure that you add a little style to your workwear. If you work in a more conservative setting, for example, you might have no choice but to wear a dark suit. However, instead of just blending in with the crowd, why not add a little style with your accessories? Shoes, belts, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, gloves and any other accessory you can think of can all add serious style points to even the most boring work outfits. On the other hand, if your workplace allows a little more flexibility in your work attire, then make sure you embrace this and let your personality shine through. 

Stay Stylish No Matter How Many Candles You Are Blowing Out 

Just because you have hit the big four-zero doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you need to dress in plain boring outfits. There are plenty of ways that you can remain stylish even a little later in life; you just might need to get a little creative. Follow the tips outlined above to ensure stay as stylish as possible, no matter what age you are. Fashion is all about self-expression so express yourself, be brave and make sure you always look your very best. 

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