expressing yourself through clothing

There are so many ways people can express themselves. Using art to convey a feeling or mood has been a way for artists to express their inner thoughts and emotions for centuries. Fashion is a form of art that can be worn, and what you choose to wear can say a lot about you as a person. If you like the idea of being able to express who you are visually through your clothing, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Why Express Yourself?

Why is it so important that people express themselves? It’s not always easy to find someone else in the world to connect with through conversation or understanding and this can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Even the timidest or most introverted people require some social interaction to function well as humans, so it makes sense that being able to express yourself to the outside world can be a source of comfort. The extent to which someone wants to feel connected to others will vary greatly from person to person; however, the impulse is always there.

Your Personal Style

Having a style that speaks to your inner self and reflects a unique perspective on the world is a great way to express yourself through your outfits. Develop your personal style by paying attention to your personal preferences. Take into consideration different aspects of fashion, such as:

  • Materials. Do you prefer your clothes to be free from animal products, such as leather and wool? Do you like textures such as velvet or corduroy? How do different fabrics feel to your skin? Whenever possible, touch the clothing before you buy it so you can be sure it will feel pleasant to wear.
  • Cuts. How do you like your clothes to fit your body? Some people like to wear oversized clothes, while others prefer form-fitting outfits to show off their shape.
  • Accessories. Outfits don’t just consist of clothing. Adding unique touches will help to enhance the individuality of your outfit. For example, if you love plants, then consider wearing a flower in your hair, or if you enjoy Wild West culture, then find a way to incorporate women’s cowboy boots into your look.
  • Silhouettes. How an outfit shapes your outline is an interesting way to play with fashion. Try out different silhouettes by putting unusual combinations of pieces together and seeing what you come up with.

Use Yourself as Inspiration

If you find it difficult to express yourself through clothing, take a look at your life and interests to see where you could introduce these elements into your style. Are you a practical person? Create outfits that emphasize your focus on practicality, such as comfortable dungarees or a coat with plenty of pockets. Are you excited by wildlife? Find patterns and textures that show off your love for plants and animals. It is all about connecting your inner self with how the world sees you.

There’s no need to follow certain fashion trends or abide by strict fashion rules. Simply let your personality come through in your clothing.

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