In this era of sustenance and eco-friendly choices, minimalist fashion is one of the most popular agendas. People consciously buy the only items they need.

However, statistics say that about 31% of Americans have no goal of embracing this change. There might be many reasons behind it, like believing it’s only for the rich. Some even think that minimalism is too bland. But that’s far from reality!

So, if you feel the same, get your dose of fashion tips here and join in on the trend…

1. Choose a base color but don’t be boring

Instead of getting outfits with a wide variety of colors and patterns, get monochromatic outfits of neutral tones. But that doesn’t need to be boring. 

You can play around with shapes and silhouettes instead. For instance, if you’re looking for winter garments, get one turtle-neck sweater and a leather coat. You can mix and match them for different formal and casual occasions.

Being a woman, if you’re online shopping for summer outfits, search for women’s basics, and you will get a tone of monochromatic yet chic outfit options.

2. Get a trendy accessory

If you feel your overall outfit is too bland, groove it up with a timeless wrist watch if you’re a man. If you’re wearing formals, you can play with tie tacks or brooches. In casuals, you can experiment with a statement belt.

If you’re a woman, incorporate faux vintage earrings or necklaces to make things stand out! However, if you’re not big on jewelry, you can also add a uniquely-colored scarf.

3. Play with contrast

Minimalism is not always about a single color. Instead, learn to pair the right colors together so they balance out the entire look.

For instance, you can pair white shirts/tops with black pants/skirts and all other black accessories. 

Sometimes, you can also pair a hint of golden color with black outfits. Remember not to use the contrasting color excessively to make it pop.

4. Buy oversized outfits

Oversized outfits are not only comfortable and cute, but they also let you get away without highlighting your minimalist choices.

It will give away the illusion of being bulky, so people won’t think that your outfit is bland. Nobody will think that your outfit lacks anything!

So, pair an oversized shirt with fitted jeans. Women can also go for a fitted top with boyfriend jeans.

5. Get creative with the sleeves

If you aren’t used to repeating outfits often, invest in long-sleeved clothes. On some days, you wear them as they are. On others, roll them up to three-quarters or halves.

There are also creative ways to roll up your sleeves to give a unique look. Or, you can roll up in a unique way and add sophisticated-looking pins to the sleeves. This will look especially great for date nights and celebrations.

6. Add some sportswear

Don’t just use your sportswear in the gym or while trekking. Incorporate one sports piece in your daily casual-wears.

For example, wear your hoodies with any of your outfits during the colder seasons. Or, during the warmer months, pair your yoga pants with a monotonous top and a chic bag.

Sometimes, you can wear your sports shoes on casual outings for the perfect balance of comfort and style.

7. Avoid clothes that need different support

This is usually an issue with women’s wear. For instance, a high-slit skirt, an off-shoulder dress, or a backless top needs different undergarments. On the other hand, some outfits look good only when you add shapewear or corsets beneath.

Whenever you’re shopping, these outfits will always attract you. But whenever an outfit makes you flush more money, avoid investing in it by all means. 

Think about the extra space and money it will consume. And then, ground yourself by asking how many times you would wear the outfit or even the undergarments.

Give yourself a week to think if you really need those outfits. Eventually, you will convince yourself of it.

8. Be OKAY with repeating outfits

Even if people around you hardly repeat outfits, be confident about doing it. Remember that repeating outfits don’t make you poor, boring, or lacking fashion sense.

Remember, your confidence will bring life to your outfit. Take pride in the effort you put into creating a better future and styling yourself.

Over to you

These tips will help you genuinely accept minimalism and create new outfit ideas. Lastly, remember to follow your heart and start with simple things and add on slowly!

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